Today the new version of Firefox is out, and with the inertia of the latest versions, we are faced with a fairly minor and untitled update. However, between new features in Firefox 77 We have found a few noteworthy little details that will benefit certain user groups.

For example, those who tend to work with electronic certificates will be happy to see the implementation of a new page to manage them from, and the WebRender component improves browser performance for Windows laptop users. . 10 with Nvidia graphics. Additionally, optional permissions no longer have so many permission windows when installing and updating extensions.

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Optional permissions are coming

In this version, Firefox introduces optional permissions on extensions, a measure with which they seek overwhelm users a little less with constant permission requests when you install an extension, but especially when you update it. This is not a direct change for users, but for extension developers.

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And it is not that all requests for authorization will be silenced, but that there will be some who developers will be able to set as optional. The optional permissions will be: management, devtools, navigation data, pkcs11, Proxy, and session. In addition, unlimited storage authorization unlimitedStorage It will no longer launch a request window once installed.

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The idea is that during installation you don’t see these permission requests, but extensions show you the request for some of them at runtimeFor example, when they will need something concrete for a specific operation. For example, you can have geolocation permissions, which only pop up when interacting with a map.

Better certificate management

If you’re the type of person who generally uses electronic certificates, Firefox will now make them a bit easier to manage. He created a specific page on which to manage certificates which you can access directly by writing about: certificate in the address bar.

On this page, you will see a list of all your certificates installed in the browser, and in each you will see a button to export it easily. The certificates will be divided into two tabs, one for server certificates and one for official authority certificates.

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WebRender for Windows 10 and Nvidia laptops

For ordinary users, the best news in this update is for users who use the browser. Windows 10 laptop with graphics card from the manufacturer Nvidia. Those with large screens and resolutions of around 3440 × 1440 px receive their corresponding version of WebRender.

It is one of the elements of Servo, the new rendering engine to make Firefox faster and smoother in the latest versions. With each new version of the browser, WebRender reaches more and more types of devices and the idea is to continue to expand to more and more computers.

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Other changes to Firefox 77

  • The flag is removed browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches to display the icons of activated search engines in the address bar. Instead, Mozilla tells you that you can turn off search engines you don’t want in settings.
  • Various stability and security improvements, both on desktop and mobile
  • For developers, new permissions.onAdded and permissions.onRemoved events are added to “react to permissions granted or revoked”.
  • Improved CSP header when multiple plugins modify content security policy headers.
  • New compatibility panel in the Firefox Developer Edition.
  • New WebExtensions API for extension developers.
  • Exif data will be used to rotate JPEG images by default.
  • The application cache storage has been deleted.
  • Improved JavaScript debugging to streamline font loading and changing and use less memory.
  • Various improvements to the accessibility of the browser.
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