For some time we have the possibility of forwarding messages on WhatsApp. Likewise, every time we get a forwarded message, the application tells us that this message has been forwarded by someone else. Now, the application in the hands of Facebook wants to improve the forwarded messages, adding a simple function that will allow a search to “verify the veracity of these messages.”

We are going to tell you how this implementation works which is already beginning to be distributed in Spain to all WhatsApp users, including WhatsApp Web users. Its main purpose is to avoid misinformation, and the measure comes after the limitation of messages forwarded for this same purpose.

Search the web for forwarded messages

Until now, when they sent us a forwarded message, an arrow would appear next to the forwarded text, to indicate the origin of that message. Now WhatsApp will add a magnifying glass icon right next to said message. It will appear automatically if we have the updated application, so we should not activate anything manually. What is this magnifying glass?

The purpose of WhatsApp is that users have easy access to different sources to verify the content that has been forwarded to them.

According to WhatsApp, it is a way to verify the messages forwarded by ourselves. When we click on the magnifying glass, we access an internet search on the content of the message that has been forwarded to us. It is a quick way of accessing Google information about said message for ourselves, so that we can check from various sources whether or not the information they have forwarded to us is true.

“Now, we are testing a simple solution to verify the veracity of these messages by touching a button with a magnifying glass that will appear in the chat. We believe that by providing an easy way to search the Internet for messages that have been forwarded many times, we can help for people to find results on the news or other sources of information of the content received “. WhatsApp.

The “internet search” function is beginning to be implemented in Spain, Brazil, the United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom. It is necessary to have WhatsApp updated to the latest version for it to appear, so make sure you are using

WhatsApp activates a new function to “verify” messages forwarded through the browser