WaBetainfo informs about the new beta of WhatsApp, version Relevance in this version comes from the silence of notifications. Specifically, in this latest beta it is now possible to silence groups forever, a feature that many of us have been waiting for for quite some time.

Mute groups on WhatsApp is not a new feature, but so far they could only be silenced with a maximum of one year. If you want to never hear from a group again, the latest beta is the solution.

Silence please

The latest beta version of WhatsApp,, adds the option to mute groups forever. This option is added to those of 8 hours and a week. If we select the one to silence forever, group notifications will never be activated again, unless we do it again manually. This means that we can only know if there are messages by opening the application.

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With the new beta version of WhatsApp, the option to silence for a year becomes silence forever

This option is the substitute for silencing for one year, which was until today the most aggressive option (and it still is in the stable version). At the moment there is no news of the arrival of this function in a stable way, but since it is already present in the beta it is a matter of weeks that it ends up being official.

Similarly, the new version of WhatsApp comes with new tools to manage storage, already present in the last beta, so they should not take long to land in the stable version.

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Source: Frandroid