After the publication of beta version 2.19.151 for WhatsApp on Android, the arrival of two features that had been rumored in the past is confirmed: The new “Share on Facebook” that allows you to publish WhatsApp ‘States’ on Facebook, and “Add contact’ that is based on a new WhatsApp QR code.

As pointed out in WABetaInfo, those two characteristics had shown signs in the past, but it was not clear how they would work. Now, thanks to the most recent version of WhatsApp in the beta channel of the Play Store, we can take a look at its appearance and possible functions.

WhatsApp and Facebook interoperability starts with ‘States / Stories’

As Facebook announced during its last F8 developer conference at the end of April, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is preparing to unify its three main platforms: Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which in the future will be able to interact, either with Stories , messages, calls or video calls.

According to the new beta of WhatsApp, this would start with the ‘States’, which are I would add a new option to “Share on Facebook” to send this message to Facebook in the form of a story and thus show it to our contacts on the social network to expand its reach.

To use this function you need to have the Facebook application installed on your smartphone and select the option “Share on Facebook” after publishing a ‘Status’ on WhatsApp. The process is not automaticFor the moment, since once we select the option, it will send us to the Facebook app where we will have to go one step further to publish our ‘Status’ now as ‘History’.

Namely, It is not the same process that today between Instagram and FacebookBut at least there are already indications that it exists and the company is testing it as a possible option for the future.

QR codes to add contacts

The second feature that appears in this beta is the ability to have a unique QR code that identifies us as WhatsApp users and that will allow us to share in a simple way for other people to add us and we are in contact.

This feature has already been in testing since November last year and iOS developers have been able to test it since then. Its operation is now extended to users of this beta, although it is not yet available to everyone as it is a beta.

WhatsApp already allows publishing the ‘States’ in Facebook stories in its latest beta: interoperability is close

Within our profile in WhatsApp we will now see the option ‘QR Code’, which is basically our name and phone number ready to share when scanned by another WhatsApp user. This can be really helpful for businesses to share on their advertising or websites.

WhatsApp also offers the option to ‘revoke the QR code’, with which the code we share will stop working and a new one will be generated with the same information or the changes that we have made in our contact information.

Being a beta and seeing how it has happened on previous occasions, It is not yet clear when we will be able to see these new functions in the public version of WhatsApp for both iOS and Android, so we will be attentive to any news.