WhatsApp already allows you to silence groups and chats forever: this is how it is done

And the day came. If a few weeks ago WaBetaInfo announced that the beta of WhatsApp for Android allowed groups and chats to be silenced forever, now this function has officially reached the stable version, as confirmed by the company on its Twitter profile.

From now on, WhatsApp will offer three options when it comes to silencing a group: eight hours, a week and forever. Thus, the option to mute for one year is removed. The function is already available on iOS and Android, as we have seen in Engadget, although it may take time to deploy to all users.

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WhatsApp already allows you to silence groups and chats forever: this is how it is done

The process to silence a group or chat forever is exactly the same as before, there are no changes in that aspect. You just have to search for the conversation in question, click on “Silence” and choose the option “Always”. By doing so, as we already know, WhatsApp will stop notifying us of all incoming messages, as long as they do not mention us.

What has not changed, and some users have complained to the company in the replies to the tweet, is the behavior of the archived chats. When we archive a chat and someone writes in it, WhatsApp unarchive the conversation and shows it again on the main screen, even when muted. WaBetaInfo has been quick to ensure that this feature will be available soon.

The option to silence a conversation forever is a minor addition, but no less interesting for that. As for the functions that are to come to WhatsApp, there are support for calls and video calls on the web, photos and videos that self-destruct and the long-awaited multi-device function, which has been in development for quite some time. A matter of waiting.

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