The photos and videos that we receive every day in WhatsApp We can fill the storage in question for a few weeks, especially if we are in several very active groups. To avoid this, it is recommended to clean up our conversations through the tool that the application includes, and that in its latest beta has begun to activate its improved storage manager.

WhatsApp Beta in its version it launches its revamped space-saving tool, which presents important new features that will help us delete files without having to resort to other file explorers such as Files by Google.

The new storage usage tool

On some devices WhatsApp Beta has activated the new storage manager found in WhatsApp> Settings> Data and storage> Storage usage. The new version premieres two new features.

The first novelty is that now a bar visually informs us of the total storage used by the device and the free space, showing in green the storage used by WhatsApp media files.

The second novelty is a new section that will suggest us which files we can delete, like all images and videos forwarded or the large files. Your manager allows us sort files by size, or by date (newer or older).

WhatsApp Beta for Android begins to test its new tool to free up space

In the last section we will see the conversations as in the current version of WhatsApp. By clicking on each conversation we can free up space by deleting text messages, contacts, locations, photos, stickers, GIFs, videos, audio messages and documents.

It is unknown when this new WhatsApp storage manager will reach the world, or at least all WhatsApp Beta users. Sometimes it usually takes several months for these news to reach the stable version.

WhatsApp Beta for Android begins to test its new tool to free up space