At the beginning of the month, WhatsApp made official what was expected by the application betas: the messaging platform would allow sending temporary messages that would self-destruct. The company has established a period of 7 days for the messages to disappear to the person who sends and to the person who receives.

Now, the news is that WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 10, the desktop version of WhatsApp Web, has received the feature along with performance improvements and bug fixes.

This is how ephemeral WhatsApp messages work

WhatsApp Desktop version 2.2045.19.0 is the one that has received the feature, which is now available in the Windows 10 Store for download. In the change log, the company has detailed the following:

  • Each of the users of a normal conversation (between two people) can activate the function, but in groups, the possibility of doing so will only be in the hands of the administrators.

  • Although the temporary messages disappear after a week, it is important to remember what WhatsApp indicates: the notification preview might not clear, and that includes Android, iOS, macOS, and in this case, Windows 10.

  • If you reply to an ephemeral message as an appointment, even after seven days, the cited message can continue to be viewed.

  • If an ephemeral message is forwarded to a group where ephemeral messages are disabled, it will remain visible in the forwarded chat.

  • If a user backs up when the ephemeral message is still visible, will be included in the backup. Ephemeral messages will be erased when a user restores a backup.

  • Images sent by the temporary chat will be removed from the photos in the application Nevertheless, if automatic saving is activated in the smartphone gallery, the photos will remain on the different devices even when the day of message deletion is over.

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 10 receives the function of temporary messages that self-destruct