WhatsApp: how to schedule messages.

We are going to explain to you how to schedule messages on WhatsApp, something that the application does not allow to do in any of its settings as it does in other applications such as Telegram, but that you can do by other means. And it is not a native experience or as comfortable as if it were, but it is an alternative to be able to send messages at a certain time that you have chosen previously.

And to do this, we are going to have to use a third-party application. Using third-party apps with WhatsApp is dangerous and inadvisable in most cases, since you will have to give them permission to access your personal data. And even if an application is now fair and does not abuse those permissions, the day can always come when it changes hands and its way of acting changes.

My recommendation is that you only do this if you really need to schedule messages with WhatsApp, if it is something urgent that you cannot do with other applications. And if you need it for something specific, don’t forget to manage the app’s permissions or uninstall it after using it.

WhatsApp: how to schedule messages

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only use this method on Android, as iOS is quite a bit stricter as to what these third-party apps can do. Therefore, if you have an iPhone I am very afraid that you will not be able to do it.

Schedule WhatsApp messages

The first thing you have to do is download the Wasavi app that you can find on Google Play. In its privacy policy, this application ensures that they do not store any of the WhatsApp messages or those that you program with it. But as we have told you, this can always change in the future, so beware of doing it unless you need this function.

WhatsApp: how to schedule messages

Once you download the app, the first time you run it you will go through a process in three steps to give it all the permissions it needs to work. In each step there will be a direct access to the function that you must activate and an explanation of what you want each of the permissions for.

On the main screen you will see all the programmed messages, which if it is the first time you use it, it will not be any. On this screen, click on the + button in the lower right corner to display the options of what you can do, and in this menu choose the Schedule message option that will appear to you.

WhatsApp: how to schedule messages

After an explanation screen about how it works that will appear the first time and where you only have to click on Okay to pass it, you will go to the message configuration menu. On this screen you have all the elements to configure the message you want to send, and now we will tell you what each of the options that we have numbered does:

  • 1. Enter recipient: It is a search engine that uses your contact list, and with which you must choose who you want to send the WhatsApp message that you are going to configure.
  • 2. Calendar: In this section you can click on the date and time you want to send the message to configure them.
  • 3. Repetition: You can choose if the message is not repeated, or if you want it to be sent again every hour, every day, every week, every month or every year.
  • 4. Add files: You can choose a file that you want to attach to the message, although to use the option you will need to be registered in the application by creating an account.
  • 5. Select application: You choose between sending a message using WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, depending on which one you have installed.
  • 6. Ask before sending a message: If you activate this option, you will receive a notification at the exact time to decide whether to send the message or not. If you uncheck it, the message is sent without you having to confirm anything.
  • 7. Write a message: In this field is where you have to press to write the message you want.

Once you have configured the message to your liking, you just have to click on the send button at the bottom right to leave it programmed at the time you have said.

WhatsApp: how to schedule messages

The application has a side menu where you can access the sections it offers. If you click on the Calendar option you will see all the messages that you have programmed, and you can also see the notes or tasks that you have scheduled in case you chose the option instead of the schedule message. You also have in the left column a configuration button with the cogwheel icon.

If you enter the application settings, you can disable the option Add ‘Sent with Wasavi’ so that you do not automatically include that text in the message, although to do so you will have to register in the application. Here, you can also choose if you want to validate a contact before sending the message or send it automatically, or the countdown time.

Now you just have to wait for the time to program the message. Here, depending on whether you decided to receive a notification, you will have to validate the message or not, and if in the configuration you did not deactivate the option to validate the contact, you will have to say if that is really the person you want to send it to. All this after a countdown appears at the appointed time indicating that it is going to be sent.

WhatsApp: how to schedule messages