WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?

WhatsApp Voice Notes: what is this folder, what data is stored inside it and can you delete/change it? Here’s an overview of what’s on your mobile phone – trust us, you know what’s in this storage and you’ve used the tool more than once.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?

What is it?

What is this folder – “WhatsApp Voice Notes” is not known to all users. Many are perplexed when faced with the name of the directory in the file store, so we have decided to solve the mysteries and enlighten newcomers. Even experienced users will find the overview interesting: the better you understand the messaging device, the easier it will be to use.

Important: We are going to solve what are WhatsApp Voice Notes on Android: all algorithms and tips are exclusive for users of this operating system. The described steps are not suitable for owners of iPhones: in these mobile phones, the internal storage is hidden from the user’s eyes, so you will not see the folder with the data. Therefore, that question cannot be raised.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?

The WhatsApp “Voice Notes” folder contains the voice messages sent and received by the user on a certain device. The literal translation of the name of the directory is “Voice Notes”. It is very simple.

  • The folder contains incoming and outgoing voice messages;
  • Even unheard messages go here. Any voice message, no exceptions.

The WhatsApp Voice Notes translation is clear: how much space does the folder take up? You can see the exact information on your mobile phone, the number varies depending on the weight of the content. Do not forget that many people send long messages for several (tens of) minutes, so the storage can be quite large.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?

You don’t want to waste a precious memory, especially if there is no important and necessary information inside it. Having solved the translation of WhatsApp Voice Notes into Russian, it’s time to figure out how to manage this directory.

Is it possible to remove

A few words about the folder location. It is located in the internal storage of the mobile phone – first you have to open the directory with the name of the messenger, and inside you will find the voice messages.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?

The storage of WhatsApp Voice Memos can be deleted: great news for those who want to free up space for unnecessary information! It is important to remember the following rules:

  • You should not delete the folder itself, as this could break the application and cause serious malfunctions;
  • If you risk deleting the directory, it will be restored automatically after the first incoming/outgoing voice message;
  • You can remove the content in whole or in part (just mark the unnecessary items);
  • Deleted data cannot be restored, it is irretrievably erased.

We recommend that you copy the contents of the storage to your computer if you want to return to messages later. Deleted data on your mobile phone cannot be recovered.

How to listen to messages

The second important question is how to listen to voice notes from WhatsApp? If you touch the files on your mobile phone, nothing will happen: this type of encryption format is not supported by the devices.

WhatsApp voice notes: what is this folder?
  • Transfer the contents of the storage to your computer: connect your mobile phone with the cable, open the folder and transfer the data;
  • Look for software online that suits the format: there are many free solutions, take your pick.

Interesting fact: The Google Play store has special applications for storing and organizing voice messages. If you often use this means of communication, be sure to download it!

You already know what it is: Voice notes in WhatsApp. Everyone has used voice messages within the messenger, so the content of the directory will not surprise you. Delete the data when necessary, proceed with care and caution: the desired result will be achieved.