Few functions I can think of more requested in WhatsApp for years than being able to silence a group forever, at the level of being able to use WhatsApp in multiplatform. Now, a new functionality has appeared in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, according to which we can finally silence a group forever and not with a time limit of one year as before.

Until now, when we wanted to silence a group so that notifications from it do not arrive, we could choose between three options. These three options were eight hours, a week, or a year. Essentially what WhatsApp has done is substitute one year for forever. Therefore, we can mute a group for eight hours, for a week, or forever.

The new feature at the moment appears in the beta of WhatsApp on Android, in version of the application. There is still no trace of her in the iOS beta. Obviously it does not appear in the final version of WhatsApp yet. When will you do it? Surely in a matter of weeks, the new functions that appear in the betas take a few weeks to reach the final version for all users, once they have been tested enough and do not give problems. Being a minor functionality, it shouldn’t take long.

Increasing control in group management

During these last two years WhatsApp has been implementing new functionalities specially focused on group management. Groups can be very useful but at the same time tremendously annoying if there is too much activity in them or if we have not directly requested to be in one of them. These are some of the things that WhatsApp engineers seek to solve.

WhatsApp will allow (finally) to silence groups forever

In April 2019 one of the great changes came to group management when WhatsApp allowed us to choose who adds us to a group. Until then anyone could do it without our permission, now we can choose between everyone, our contacts or no one. This automatically dramatically reduces entry into unwanted groups or requested.

Another curious feature for groups has to do with administrators. For some time now it has been possible to choose who can and who cannot write in a group. This functionality allows reduce unwanted messages and noise in a conversation, or directly tap into the group as a one-way broadcast channel.

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