I’m not going to brag about how I come up with great and complicated passwords for my email account, Facebook, Twitter, and the entrance to my secret lab. I can easily remember them, but the same cannot be said for everyone and every time I change my password (which I do regularly for security reasons) I have a hard time remembering it for the first few days. But remembering passwords is not easy for everyone, and recovering a Google account password involves a question that one is unlikely to remember the answer to; When did you create your Google account? I found out about this a few weeks ago when my father, who is aging well but has a bad memory, forgot the password to his Gmail account. He had helped her set it up, but Gmail wouldn’t let me retrieve it using the secondary email address. If he’s been unlucky enough to forget his Gmail password and you need to know when he created his account, here are two quick ways to find it.

Gmail welcome email

The moment you create your new Google account, Gmail sends you three emails to welcome you on board, help you get started, and more. To date, I have never read those emails and often wonder why I don’t delete them. Never delete them; those emails were sent to you within minutes of creating your account and are the easiest way to get the creation date.

Now, you might be wondering why this helps because if you’ve forgotten your password, you can’t be expected to look through your email for that welcome message, right? This trick is useful if you have forgotten your password but have added your Google account to an Android phone that, among other things, syncs email. You can open the Gmail app on your phone, search for email, and find the date of birth for your account.

Google Takeout

We last visited Google Takeout when Google Reader was shutting down (I still miss it, I really do) and we weren’t really paying much attention to anything else at the time, except that our beloved Reader wouldn’t be. Go to Google Takeout and select export data from your circles. You will be prompted to sign in to confirm the export. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be asked where you want to move the data to. On the same page, you will see the following information card that has the date your account was created.

the low

You pretty much need access to Gmail to be able to get this information, so if you don’t already have it and you’ve forgotten your password, or worse, your account has been compromised, you’ll have to rely on another recovery. methods to recover it.