When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out?.

When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out? With each installment of the Legend of Zelda saga, fans of this franchise they turn to the video game stores that have them on their shelves and it is that with this saga a game as good and exciting as the previous one is always expected.

One of the installments of the video games belonging to this franchise that caused the most stir among fans both before and after its market launch was The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The reason is very simple, the score that Metacritic gave it was excellent..

When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out?

The launch

The market launch of this video game caused quite a stir, the reason for this is that with this game Nintendo fired the Wii U consoles and welcomed the Switch console to the marketin both the official launch took place at the beginning of March 2017, that is, the games for both consoles were released on the same day.

What makes this specific game in the saga a milestone in the history of the video game industry, but this is not the only reason, this game is one of the most dynamic that was released that year by Nintendo, the amount of additives What you see is this game and Link’s new adventures make him one of the favorites of fans of the franchise.

When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out?

The greatest of novelties

This game is loaded with novelties, although the most interesting of them is the opportunity for players to will develop in an open worldwhich allows them the alternative of choosing which of the adventures or missions the character will carry out first, the players with this new game mode have the alternative of choosing the order in which they will do it.

With this new way of playing, the characters have more freedom of roam the kingdom of Hyrule at ease, exploration and the way they will face their adversaries, without the need to wait for all the missions to unlock, this non-linear game form is one of the favorites of the players today.

When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out?

More news

In this installment, Zelda Breath of the wildLink will have the opportunity to test his survival skills, he will have to learn to hunt, cook, tame wild horses and among other things, he will have to collect weapons, means of transportation and some food that will ensure survival in a post-apocalyptic world .

Besides all this

On the other hand, among the additions of this installment of the franchise, Link will have the ability to climb mountains, which means that he will no longer have this limitation to go anywhere, to descend from these You can always ride on your shield using it as a means of transportation when sliding down the slopes of the mountains, whether they are snowy or not.

When did Zelda Breath of the Wild come out?