When does TikTok block your account?.

When did TikTok block your account? Being that they find you with that message that says “We have permanently blocked your account on TikTok”.

Without a doubt, the first thing you ask yourself is, but what happened? Because? You need to know what you must do in order for you to get it back. That is why you will need to know what are the reasons that TikTok considered, so that it will make the decision to block your account.

When does TikTok block your account?

So then you are going to find out what you need to know, and you can answer the concern of When does TikTok block your account? Well, I am going to tell you the reasons that caused your profile to be blocked, and the way to recover it. I invite you to continue reading because this information will be very useful for you.

Know when your TikTok account is blocked

It is necessary to indicate that what you should always keep in mind is that the only way for your TikTok account to be blocked is because You have breached the rules that correspond to the community of this platform.

When does TikTok block your account?

Without a doubt, the rules that should not be crossed with TikTok videos are framed within the parameters that we must consciously know, based on our common sense. Among which are, among others:

  • Messages that show violence
  • hate messages
  • Discrimination messages
  • Carry out any criminal activity
  • Promoting bookmakers and games of chance banned by TikTok
  • nudes

Therefore it must be very careful not to make some mistakesthat they will expose in our videos some of the aforementioned faults.

When does TikTok block your account?

How do I recover an account blocked by Tiktok?

Now in order for you to be able to recover your TikTok account if it has been blocked, you should know that this application enables an email address. Being that you can make the communication with her, in order to carry out the review of the reason that caused the blocking of your TikTok account and that you can then make the argument to defend yourself.

In order for you to contact TikTok, it will be necessary for you to indicate the username you have. And subsequently make the justification for which you think they should give you back the use of your TikTok account.

When does TikTok block your account?

It should be noted that in the event that your account is inactive for a period of 180 days, your user will not be deleted by TikTok. But if it is going to stop being visible for the rest of the users. However, if your name could be reset to one that was random with different numbers.

temporary blocks

In the same way, TikTok can make temporary blocks to your account, which temporarily suspend your account. In these cases the simplest of solutions is to let time pass.

Since in most cases these temporary blocks are automatically canceled after a day or two. Which indicates that you will be able to have control of your account with a relative speed.

When does TikTok block your account?