When does Zoom ask for a password? Zoom meeting password keys are now enabled by default.

Due to security problems and privacy failures that were denounced by various sources against Zoom. The company took some measures, in order to gradually dissipate these security holes How much damage can they do?

Within such measures is the creation of passwords. They are activated by default for attendance at Zoom meetings.

So that you catch up and know the answer to When does Zoom ask for a password? Next, I leave you with all the information that is known about this hot topic. Here you will find out what you need to know about the new provisions regarding passwords that Zoom has determined. So he continues reading because it will be very useful for you.

Know now when Zoom asks for a password

It turns out that everyone will now have to go to the virtual Zoom waiting room. Therefore, if you are among the millions of users who have been attending Zoom video conferences for some time now, it is good that you know, if you do not know, that passwords are now enabled in a way that is by default. Like what has been given the name of Waiting Room.

This is due to the large number of users who joined Zoom in 2020, which have reached more than 200 million users. And who executive directs the company Zoom, published a communication on the company’s blog, where apologizes on its behalf for the security problems that were initially generated on the Zoom platform.

Including Zoombombing issues, where outsiders and external people enter the chats to which they should not have any type of access. Offering the promise of providing a solution to all this, turning the communication of video conferences and calls into a safe environment.

The Password for meetings

Now, the result of this is a product that is considered more robust in terms of security, and that is stronger. Noting that now, in order to make sure that only the people who have been invited are the ones in the meetings, to access them they will have passwords which will be serial.

It is that the meetings that are previously scheduled, which include those that are scheduled using the Personal Meeting ID, they will have passwords enabled.

so it is it will not be possible to join any meeting with only the meeting ID, but the number corresponding to the password is also required. In the event that the attendees of the meeting proceed to join through a link corresponding to the meeting through the web address, and also have their Zoom account, no changes are made.

In relation to the meetings that are scheduled, the meeting password can be found in the corresponding invitation. In the same way, in the event that a meeting is created instantly, that is, that it is improvised and without invitation. The password will be displayed in the Zoom client, in case the Zoom client wants others to proceed to join.