When Google on Huawei?.

When Google on Huawei? The trade war between China and the United States of America escalated during the presidency of Donald Trump, who issued a series of economic and trade measures related to Google and Huaweiwhere it is established that the Chinese company cannot pre-install Google applications on its mobile devices.

We all know that most of the Google applications globally are highly influential and important to daily life.

When Google on Huawei?

This measure was announced by the US government in May 2019, where Huawei company is included in the US blacklistTherefore, any device that is released after this date will not be able to have Google.

  • When Google on Huawei? We do not know!

Nevertheless, Huawei and Honor phones that precede the month of May 2019 may continue to receive updates from the Google company as long as they work with an Android 10 operating system.

When Google on Huawei?

It is estimated that this problem will not have a happy ending in the short term, but with Biden’s new policies, the outlook can change at any time. However, an exception to this problem are phones belonging to the P30 seriesincluding the famous P30 Pro New, which is a modern update of the P30 Pro, that is, it is not an innovation.

  • Trump views Huawei as a threat to national integrity and intelligence.

Which Huawei phones do not have Google service?

There is a diversity of Huawei equipment and series that do not have the Google service due to its release date, some of them are:

When Google on Huawei?
  • The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro series.
  • Huawei Mate 40.
  • Huawei Mate 30.
  • Huawei Mate Xs.
  • Honor 30.

This teams They don’t have any Google app. and they only have the applications that can be downloaded from the “Huawei download gallery” store, which does not have a great diversity of applications.

  • It is necessary to highlight that Huawei is improving this worrying situation.

What does this measure represent for Huawei?

Without a doubt, this marketing ban represents a great economic loss for the asian companyhowever, also for the Google company whose use in China decreases considerably.

When Google on Huawei?

It is necessary to mention that the North American measure also had an impact on the rest of the world, as is the case of the United Kingdom, whose government prohibited Telecommunications companies from incorporating the Huawei 5G network into its service.

  • It is not yet known when Google will return to Huawei.