Where can I get a PlayStation 4 Pro the cheapest?.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the perfect choice for those who don’t have a PlayStation yet but want one. For the owners of a PlayStation 4, the upgrade is difficult to justify, especially if you pay the full price. That is why Fernando has listed the cheapest way to get a PS4 Pro.

Jan already said it last week: if you own a PlayStation 4, you really don’t have to switch immediately. Still, there are plenty of people who want the best of the best in terms of hardware, and certainly for those who have a 4K HDR TV, the Pro is worth it, if only because it can handle native 1080p. But to immediately deposit € 400 is a bit much, so here we have the best options to get your PS4 Pro on the cheap.

Where can I get a PlayStation 4 Pro the cheapest?

Trade in a PS4 for a PS4 Pro

The cheapest way to get a PlayStation 4 Pro if you already have a PlayStation 4, is to trade it in at a web shop or game store. There are currently two stores in the Netherlands that offer this promotion: Game Mania and Game Outlet. With Game Mania it is simple: you walk to the nearest location and hand in your PlayStation 4 there for a Pro, after which you have to pay an additional amount. How much that is depends on what you hand in. If you have a PS4 1TB, you only have to pay € 199, with an Xbox One 500GB you lose € 279.

Console Additional payment
PlayStation 4 with 1TB storage € 199
PlayStation 4 with 500GB storage € 249
Xbox One with 1TB storage € 249
Xbox one with 500GB storage € 279

If you don’t feel like leaving your home for a PlayStation 4 Pro, you can go to Game Outlet. After ordering the Pro you will receive a shipping label with which you can send your PlayStation 4 to Game Outlet. There it is then tested and if it works you will receive the Pro. This takes a bit longer than returning immediately, but is of course easier if there is no Game Mania store nearby.

Where can I get a PlayStation 4 Pro the cheapest?

Selling your PS4 for a PS4 Pro

If you think that the stores give too little for your old PlayStation 4, then selling yourself is always an option. Marktplaats.nl is where most people go directly, but Facebook, Tweakers and Budgetgaming are also great places to get rid of your old console. Don’t expect to get much more than the price of Game Mania, but with a clever sales pitch, you might be able to catch more than what Game Mania offers. And not shot is of course always wrong, so even if you do not get the price of the trade-in promotion, you can always stop the advertisement and still exchange it.

Get a PS4 Pro new

Are you too attached to your old PlayStation, do you want to transfer your save games easily or do you simply have too much money? Then buying new is always an option. At the moment it makes little difference where you get the Pro, the suggested retail price of € 399 is used almost everywhere, but if a site deviates from this, you will of course read that in the Dealderdag. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on Budgetgaming.nl and hope that a cheaper price will appear there. By the way, buying second-hand is also an option here, but since it is so short after release, the supply will be scarce and the price will not be much lower than at the stores.

Where can I get a PlayStation 4 Pro the cheapest?