Where is Apple TV on the Mac?.

Where is Apple TV on the Mac? Apple TV is an application with which you can access a large number of programs, movies, series and of course the Apple TV Plus streaming service, with which its subscribers can enjoy a large number of 100% original content.

For owners and users of Apple devices these applications are easily accessible through the Apple Store, which is a great advantage when subscribing to it. All of this company’s products are compatible with each other and accessing them is very simple, and Macs are no exception to this rule.

Where is Apple TV on the Mac?

How to use the app on the Mac?

To use the Apple TV app on Macs, it is done as on most Apple devices, the first thing is download the application to the PCand install it in the location of our preference, in this case it must be remembered that being an Apple computer, Macs have access to the Apple Store and therefore applications can be accessed very easily.

How to use it?

The way to using the app on the Mac It is basically the same as in the rest of the Apple equipment, in this case it is done as follows:

Where is Apple TV on the Mac?
  • Enter the panel of the application, select the option see now.
  • Using the search engine select the program what do you want to see.
  • Once the program is located, you must add it to the list named Next.
  • Once the program is located in this location it will be possible to enjoy the program.

Examining the content of the app

If what you want is perform a review Of the content that this application offers you, you must do it in the following way:

  • Enter the application.
  • Press the View Now option.
  • In the Next sectionshows you’ve started watching and didn’t finish, and shows you’ve saved to watch later, will be saved.
  • The app has a selection of movies and programs that will be suggested to you according to your viewing preferences.
  • You can also locate the programs and movies according to their themethat is, there are separate sections according to this: comedies, children’s, dramas, among other topics.

When watching the show

Once you select the program you want to see You will only have to perform any of the actions indicated below:

Where is Apple TV on the Mac?
  • press on program you want to watch.
  • This will give you a series of alternatives from which you can select the alternative of Play Item.
  • If you want to see content that is necessary to acquire, you must press the section Subscribe to Apple TV+, With this alternative you can have access to exclusive and completely original content.
  • If you want to compare or rent a movie, click on the option of Buy or rent a movie.
  • If you want to compare a TV series, you will have two options At the time of purchase, you can buy a chapter or a complete season, you will also have the option of viewing series that do not require purchase.