Where is the WhatsApp trash? When we delete a file on the computer, we are clear that we are sending it to the recycle bin. The same happens with our phone, the difference in the latter is that, after 30 days, the files sent to the trash are completely deleted. But,What happens to the files that we delete from WhatsApp?

Where is the WhatsApp trash?

Many people wonder if WhatsApp has a recycle bin, therefore, since trick library we will explain what happens with deleted files in whatsapp, how to get them back and the importance of making a backup of the application.

Where is the trash can in WhatsApp?

Let’s get to the point! WhatsApp does not have a recycle bin or section where the files are stored. As a result, all the deleted items on WhatsApp are deleted forever.

However, when you download any document through WhatsApp, your phone makes a copy of the item, that is, it duplicates it. For this reason, always you will be able to access a copy of the document through the copy of your phone even if you delete it from the app.

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On the other hand, in current phones, the own operating system he is able to recover deleted files from whatsapp Even samsung offers a dedicated trash app for these purposes.

What to do if I accidentally deleted a WhatsApp file?

Sometimes we delete files without realizing it. If we do it from the computer, know that you can recover it quickly. But what if you delete a whatsapp important file? whatIs there a way to get it back?.

The possible way of recover a deleted file from whatsapp is through the automatic backup. In case of having it deactivated, it will be impossible to recover the file through WhatsApp.

For this reason, we recommend that you turn on automatic backup. Furthermore, it is possible to define the frequency with which the application saves the conversations. the option is available in the WhatsApp settings section.

How to recover WhatsApp files from mobile

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that when you receive a file via WhatsApp, that item will be duplicate on your phone. So even if the files are deleted from WhatsApp, it is still possible to access a copy directly on the phone.

Where is the WhatsApp trash?

  • The images and videos are stored in the photo gallery, usually within an album called “WhatsApp”.
  • The documentswhich can be Word or PDF files, are usually available in the folder “Files”.
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This option to save media to phone memory must be be activated in WhatsApp. To do this:

  • Go to the app settings and enable “Save to camera roll” in iOS.
  • Change the network options in «Automatic media download» on Android.
  • This way, photos and videos will also be saved to your phone’s camera roll.

    Another alternative is check your iCloud or Google Drive folders if you have not found deleted WhatsApp files in your phone’s internal memory. Deleted items may not be in the “Deleted” section of the phone, but are still available on cloud storage services.

    Finally, it should be mentioned that Play Store and App Store count on solutions oriented to file management on the phone. Although they are not specific tools for WhatsApp or for creating a dedicated chat bin, the services can help you better organize media and documents that you may accidentally delete.

    Here is a tutorial where it is better explained how to recover deleted WhatsApp files:

    This has been everything! We hope you now understand a little better. How does deletion of WhatsApp messages work? If you liked this article and want to learn tricks like changing the font size in WhatsApp, keep reading!

    Where is the WhatsApp trash?

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