The best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

The game Horizon Forbidden West He comes to us equipped with a lot of unique and deadly weapons, so here we are going to look at some of the best places to find them. Read on for the best tips to find your perfect weapons to survive in this world.

Where to find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West?


  • Be sure to search inside all the dump buildings.
  • Discover deep wells.
  • Keep an eye out for the landscape machinery.
  • Do not give up: the search may take a few minutes, but you will have your reward in the end.

Examples of Best Weapons

Rocket launcher: This lethal weapon is found deep in the dump buildings. If you find a box with the letter L, you will be surprised to find the rocket launcher, which is a great help when fighting enemies in this game.

hand rifle: The hand rifle is found in the field machinery, if you discover some of them while traveling you will have a chance to pick up a rifle for yourself and equip yourself to continue on your way.

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Bow: The bow is also available in the deep wells that you will find on your journey, this weapon gives you a decisive stealth attack when it comes to staying away from enemies without being detected.


We hope these tips to find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West help you get the ideal Strength to survive in this world, good luck!

Where to find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West?

The new action and adventure video game Horizon Forbidden West it’s one of the best bets of 2021. Aloy’s adventure returns with amazing graphics, advanced gameplay experience and amazing weapon and armor scheme to help you complete your goal.

if you’re looking for the best weapons in the game, here are some tips and tricks to help you on your quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Weapon Cheats

  • Visit a counselor’s weapons room to get some armaments to help you on your adventure.
  • You can also find some upgraded weapons in secret locations on the map.
  • One of the best weapon cheats is to go around the map letting Aloy kill the animals. This can give you some upgraded abilities and certain weapons with more power.
  • The most direct method of finding the best weapons though is by looking at the weapon and armor stats. These stats are the key to knowing which weapons you are better with and how to improve them.
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Best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

These are some of the best weapons and armor you can find in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Storm Horn: This high-fire power weapon offers a considerable amount of range capabilities. It is one of the best weapons to go out in groups.
  • Fire Pinwheel: This heavy weapon offers improved performance and fire damage ratings. While this weapon is the most difficult to master, it also offers some amazing abilities when mastered.
  • Villacide: This portable weapon offers a long range for its users. He also has some special abilities.
  • Ion Shame Armor: This armor is the best you can have in the game. It offers a large amount of resistance and better mobility.

With these tips and tricks you can find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West without having to waste time searching. Now you can enjoy your adventure with the best equipment at your disposal.

Where to find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West?

The best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the second installment in the successful action game franchise developed by Guerrilla Games. Being among the best players and overcoming the challenges of the game requires having the best weapons and here are some tips to get them.

explore the world

The game is full of hidden treasures, including weapon upgrades and items to power up your team. Thoroughly explore the setting to reap all the benefits the world has to offer.

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complete the missions

Progress in the game is obtained not only by fighting, but also by completing the missions. These can take you around the world and in addition to unexpected rewards you may receive upgrades for interesting weapons.

collect materials

During your adventure in Horizon Forbidden West you will have the opportunity to collect rare materials that will help you improve your weapons. Be careful and pay attention to what’s around you so you don’t miss any opportunity to get some useful item.

improve technology

Learning to use your technology properly is key to getting the best weapons. Research and collect materials to upgrade your tech gear, allowing you to unlock new weapons and upgrade them.


  • Always looking to explore: Even though the objective of your mission is to reach a particular destination, take your time to explore the surroundings. This can lead you to discover interesting surprises.
  • Use technology: Technology is one of the keys to getting the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West. Investigate and discover the benefits that your equipment can offer you.
  • Gain experience: By completing missions and eliminating enemies, you will gain experience that will allow you to upgrade your weapons.
  • Markets: If you already have some weapons left over, consider putting them up for sale. This will not only help you get some in-game currency, but also get upgrades for your team.
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Keep these tips in mind to locate the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West. Try all the available techniques to determine which one best suits your playstyle. Good luck!

Where to find the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West?

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