Leaks… who wouldn’t be interested in a possible look into the future and checking that… that’s right – we’ve had a dozen different leaks on H2P recently, so which ones worked?

Which champion and skin leak was 100% accurate?

Let’s start with something that won’t work 100% for sure:

  • New weasel-like Dak killer, tons of info on reworks and new skins (Legend for Rengar!)

(great link, I know)

From this leak, Azir and Evelynn’s reworks definitely didn’t work out:

  • Evelynn – New stealth/stealth mode that can be toggled on and off. Stealth reduces damage, but abilities steal MS (something like Malphite’s Seismic Shard). Removed AD scaling on skills.
  • Azir – It’s in very early development. New sand soldier mechanics, similar to Malzahar’s crawfish, but with more control over their movements.

Neither one nor the other is true – we don’t know about Swain yet, but … maybe this point will work?

What about skins?

Also part didn’t work out – Championship Twitch? Yeah.. (greetings to me and my theories), as well as the new skin for Eve, which was supposed to come out with the premiere of her rework. Anything further? We don’t know yet, but some things suggest that this leak is fake.

  • New game mode, hero and skins (including for Yorick)!

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Skins for Harrowing from this leak did not work, as well as Championship Twitch. There is always hope in Snowday and PROJECT skins, but… a pipe dream.

Which champion and skin leak was 100% accurate?

  • A jungle mage with passive teleporters?!

ATM we don’t know anything about this character – currently it promises to be a female character, additionally it is supposed to be something like a “colored sorceress”.

  • New Pool Party skins?

NO. No Pool Party skin (we didn’t even get them this year, sigh) or Urgot skin.

  • NAYUTA, Pool Party Ahri, Kalista Show, Arcade Yorick!

This leak has been confirmed to be fake, however… you don’t always have to trust Rioters for things like this. But! There are a few things that could say that this leak is fake too – Viktor is about to get a new skin, same as Blitzcrank + this rework of Evelynn is quite a joke.

And now for a leak that worked 100%

  • Leak of new skins, reworks and characters?! A new legend?!

First, I will quote myself in the form of an autodiss:

Why skin leak is probably fake?

We have already written about leaks many times and as time has shown – none of them has proven to be 100%. Most often it’s just an idea of ​​some fan/person who wants to gain publicity on reddit.

  Overwatch 2 – the leak suggests a release date

Yeah, let’s just say that’s one of the things I don’t want to mention.

Which champion and skin leak was 100% accurate?

Interestingly, 100% of the things from this leak worked! Even the legendaries for Yasuo and Riven that might have seemed ridiculous back then. A – Star Guardian Ezreal is a fact.

What leaks will we see in the future? I don’t think anyone knows this, but it’s worth being careful!