This page presents all the variables that must be taken into consideration before deciding which electric bike to buy. Answering the questions written below, and reading the in-depth articles linked to, will allow you to arrive in the store more informed, and to be able to buy the electric bike that best suits your needs. Pay particular attention to after-sales assistance.

What kind of electric bike to buy?

A city bike, folding, or maybe a mountain bike? From this point of view, electric bikes are like normal bikes: there are many types. To understand which one is best for you, think about what you will need .

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Will you need it to go to work, or maybe to go shopping? In this case the most suitable model is a city bike, with fender, luggage basket, and a low-step frame.

Which electric bike to buy in 2020 ?
In the city, the low-step frame is convenient, especially if, as in this case, a child seat is fitted. A front basket also allows you to carry the school backpack or shopping bags

Instead, will you use it mainly to do longer “rides” on the weekend, or perhaps real cycle tourism, with trips lasting several days and hundreds of kilometers? Then it will be better to turn to specific trekking models, also equipped with large lithium batteries so as not to remain dry in the middle of the day.

Lately more and more manufacturers have also focused on electric mountain bikes, to reach the younger audience; they are very captivating vehicles to look at, which give their best on uphill dirt roads.

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Other models that can be very useful, especially for commuters who want to take the bike on the train or on a bus, are the folding ones.

Finally, have the distinction between pedal assisted electric bikes and electric mopeds clear in mind, and make sure that the vehicle you are considering can legally circulate on roads and cycle paths.

What kind of cyclist are you?

The choice of the type of pedaling detection sensor is essential.

Do you already have a minimum of training? Do you have the desire and the ability to really pedal, knowing that the engine will make you go faster and further? Then choose a bike with an effort sensor, which will guarantee a more natural pedaling.

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Are you poorly trained? Above all, do you want to reach your destination without struggling? Then a bike with a simple pedal rotation sensor will be more suitable, allowing you the so-called “symbolic pedaling” (turning the pedals without any real effort).

Read the page dedicated to pedaling detection sensors to learn more about this aspect.

How long will it be along the route on which you will use the electric bike most often?

Is it a few kilometers long , for example less than 10, and flat? In this case, any electric bike is fine, and you can also buy an inexpensive model with a not very large 300Wh lithium battery (but always pay attention to after-sales assistance, as explained below).

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Do you think instead of pedaling for many tens of kilometers in a row? Then it is necessary to spend a little more to ensure a quality bike, both in the mechanical and electrical components, starting with an excellent lithium battery of at least 400-500Wh, which does not leave you in the lurch several kilometers from home. Here is an insight into the different price ranges of electric bikes.

What characteristics will the typical path have?

Will there be several climbs on the route where you will use the electric bike? Excellent, it is precisely in these cases that the electric bike can give you a great hand. However, keep in mind that the autonomy of an electric bike battery decreases a lot when you have to tackle climbs. Also in this case, it is therefore better to aim for models with large capacity lithium batteries.

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What kind of after-sales service do the reseller and manufacturer offer?

This is a very important factor. Electric bikes are reliable, but some problems can always happen. Choose a dealer who offers you precise guarantees for after-sales assistance, and who is able to carry out small repairs .
Much also depends on the manufacturer. Choose bikes from reliable brands, which have a history behind them and can guarantee for the future. The electric bike market is booming, and there are many crafty ones who take advantage of it, selling low quality bikes, without offering any after-sales warranties. If a control board were to break, for example, there is little that can be done without the replacement part; but what if the company that built it in the meantime is closed, or does not supply the piece? These problems are avoided by relying on companies that have been in the industry for years, and have a reputation to defend.

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How to choose the best dealer?

First of all, locate the dealers near your home on our dealer map. Once this has been done, it is useful to contact them (by email or by phone) asking for some information, for example on the models they have available, on the possibility of trying or renting them, on the warranty and after-sales assistance. The speed and accuracy with which they will answer you will already be an excellent first test of their reliability .

So try to make an appointment, specifying that you would like to try the bike, before buying it. This is very important: the electric bike will be your travel companion for the next few years, and you need to make sure it’s the right one for you. Let us show you the operation of the essential controls of the on-board computer, or how to remove the battery to recharge it.

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So try the bike for as long as possible, doing a few climbs, testing the different levels of assistance of the engine, or even turning it off completely, to see if pedaling with the engine off is smooth or not; also try to lift it, to see if it is not too heavy, especially if at home or in the office you have to make it do a few steps.

Don’t limit yourself to just one bike, and try different ones , perhaps with a different positioning of the motor (on the front or rear hub, or on the bottom bracket), or with different types of batteries.

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In-deph view

How do you choose a good electric bike ? What are the parameters to take into consideration? What are the differences with a muscle bike? And above all, which pedal assisted electric bike should you buy? In this buying guide we will try to answer all these questions by suggesting some of the best models available on the market right now. Logically, a big difference is made by the budget available: the more money you have, the better the e-bike will be. To correctly choose the electric bike to buy, you must also understand the use that you want to make of it: if you use it only to go to work, a simple e-bike without too many accessories is enough, if you want to use it for off-road. , you need to opt for oneelectric mountain bike .

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How to choose the electric bike to buy

Before seeing the best e-bike models on the market based on the price range, you must also understand what rules to follow for the purchase of your pedal assisted bicycle . What are the fundamental characteristics it must have? The first thing to check is definitely the quality of the frame, just as if it were a normal bike. If the frame does not ensure excellent stability, you risk falling and getting very injured. Equally important is the weight of the electric bicycle . With a motor and a battery present, e-bikes weigh a lot more than normal bikes. Weight that negatively affects road holding and the effort that must be made to move forward. The advice is tobuy an electric bike that is relatively light: the effort will be less.

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Don’t be stubborn about features that apparently seem to be important, but in reality they are not: the battery and the motor . Many prefer to buy pedal assisted electric bikes with a more powerful motor, spending hundreds of euros more than a less powerful e-bike. Money that in many cases is wasted: the e-bike engine, in fact, works up to 25 kilometers per hour, the limit imposed by law for cycles. The same goes for the battery : the autonomy declared by the manufacturers is in many cases wrong because it does not take into account many external factors that affect the duration, such as the route and the road surface.

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Much more attention must be paid to where the motor is placed in a pedal assisted electric bike . There can be three positions: front, back and center. Depending on where it is positioned, the weight distribution in the bike changes as well as the stability on the road.

Nilox X5

Nilox X5 electric bike

Nilox is a company specialized in the production of means for personal mobility (electric bicycles, scooters and more). The Nilox X5 pedal assisted bike is one of the best models for those on a budget that does not exceed 1000 euros. It is not very light (23 kilograms), but it has a very stable structure that allows it to be easily driven in traffic. The gearbox is six-speed, while the pedal assistance modes are three. The battery ensures a range of approximately 60 kilometers. Available on Amazon , it costs less than 750 euros.

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Benelli Giò

Benelli Giò electric bike

If the use to be made of the pedal assisted electric bike is purely urban , the Benelli Giò e-bike is ideal. This is a pedal assisted electric bike that is good value for money and allows you to wriggle out of traffic quite easily. Two models are available: one for women with 26-inch wheels and one for men with 28-inch wheels. The fork is cushioned and you shouldn’t be afraid of getting holes while on the road. The battery ensures a range of about 60 kilometers on a city route. On the handlebar there is also an on-board computer that allows you to choose between four different modes for pedal assistance. ThereBenelli Giò electric bike costs more than 1,000 euros .

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Armony Perugia Advance

Armony Perugia Advance electric bike

Another walking bike, the Armony Perugia Advance is an e-bike with a rather solid structure and which ensures a range of about 60 kilometers. It has 5 assisted pedaling modes and also the possibility to activate the Easy Walk function which helps to restart when you stop uphill. The Shimano gearbox has six gears. Like all e-bikes, the motor support reaches up to 25km / h, a limit imposed by law. The price of the Armony Perugia Advance e-bike is just under 1000 euros.

Omega Bike Silver

Omega Bike Silver electric bike

Eighty kilometers of autonomy for the Argento Bike Omega , an e-bike that mounts a 7-speed Shimano gearbox and which allows you to control all the functions via the on-board computer. For pedal assist, you can choose between three different modes, each with a different delivery of engine power. The brakes are disc. The bicycle is also available on Amazon . The price is just over 1000 euros. 

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NCM Milan

NCM Milano electric bike

Walking bicycle, the NCM Milano allows you to travel up to 120 kilometers using the Eco mode. In addition, it also has a USB port that allows you to use the battery to recharge your smartphone. Up to 25 kilometers per hour the motor supports the pedaling, but once the maximum speed is exceeded you have to rely only on your own legs. The gearbox is Shimano and has 7 gears. The price is over 1000 euros.

Bottecchia BE11E

Bottecchia BE11E electric bike

In the world of bicycles, Bottecchia is a guarantee. The Italian company has followed the market trends and has started to produce pedal assisted bikes , always maintaining its own philosophy. For those looking for an e-bike to use easily in city traffic, the Bottecchia BE11E can be a valid solution. The pedal assisted bike has good stability even on the most uneven paths, such as those in the city center where cobblestones are very often present. The fork is cushioned and this allows it to absorb the holes quite well. The battery ensures a range of approximately 50 kilometers. The price is around 1000 euros .

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NCM Moscow

NCM Moscow electric bike

We close the buying guide on electric bicycles with a mountain bike. The NCM Moscow has a rather sturdy structure able to absorb all the jumps and tame the dirt road as best as possible. On the handlebar there is a computer that allows you to better manage the power and autonomy of the battery that reaches up to 120 kilometers. For those who like to walk around the trails, the NCM Moscow is ideal.

What about online shopping an electric bike?

E-commerce is increasingly widespread now, and several retailers are starting to offer the purchase of electric bikes online. If you choose this method of purchase, it is often possible to save a few tens or even a few hundred euros. However, it is necessary to do some research on the dealer, and above all – as usual – get a good explanation of how warranty service works. The most serious online retailers collaborate with a network of mechanics located throughout the country, so as not to force the buyer to have a difficult shipment of the bike. It would also be desirable, during the period covered by the guarantee, to supply a courtesy bike during the repair period of the electric bike, to reduce the inconvenience for the buyer.

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