Apple gives a touch to its tablets. They are no longer devices that are only used for entertainment and consumption of content, but also used to create it. It’s because of iPadOS, the new operating system that the company has developed for these devices and with which it wants to differentiate them further from the iPhone, implementing functions and functionalities to express their possibilities and potential.

With iPadOS, a full version of Safari has been added, similar to what we can find on macOS computers, so the websites we visit will be displayed as on a MacBook or iMac, not a version suitable for smartphones. It is also possible to work with two windows from the same applicationThere is a redesigned home screen and improvements in the use of Apple Pencil.

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However, one of the most useful features of iPadOS 13 is improved content management through the Files app. This app is the namesake of macOS Finder, and we can organize and view content stored in folders and other locations, such as External hard drives.

One of the possibilities that iPadOS offers us is to be able to view and move files from external storage drivessuch as hard drives or USB sticks, allowing users to save the most important information or work with it on other devices, such as a “conventional computer”.

How to connect hard drive to iPad

In the Apple catalog we can find several models of iPad tablets, but they can be divided into two categories depending on the type of connector they have: Lightning ou USB-C. The former was designed by Apple and can also be found on iPods and iPhones. The second is a 24-pin standard found in a wider variety of devices from other manufacturers, as well as Apple Macs.

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The only iPad that has the USB-C connector is the third and fourth generation iPad Pro, released in 2018 and 2020, which are available in two sizes: 11 “and 12.9”; the company’s other tablets integrate the Lightning connector.

Although it is possible to connect external storage units to the iPad with Lightning and to those with USB-C, since there are devices with this type of connector, most have a USB-A port, so we will have need an adapter or hub with the need to add the necessary connectors.

  • Apple Lightning to USB 3 Connector Adapter– This official Apple adapter is designed for use with cameras to download photos and videos from digital camera to iPad. It has a USB-A port and another Lightning for charging, because we may need to power the tablet from an outlet if the device requires a lot of power. It has a price of 44.99 euros.

  • Apple USB-C to USB Adapter– For iPad Pro, one option is to use the USB-C to USB adapter, which is also compatible with MacBook and other Apple computers to connect USB flash drives, cameras or other accessories. Its price is 25.00 euros.

For iPad Pro with USB-C connectors, connectivity options are wider and more complete adapters and hubs can be used. Two interesting options are that of Satechi (58.99 euros) with HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, USB-A and USB-C for charging, and that of Baseus (58.99 euros), which also includes a card SD / Micro SD.

As for external hard drives, there are two types primary: hard drive and SSD.

  • HDDs (mechanical hard drives) are made up of mechanical parts and normally rotate at two speeds: 5400 or 7200 rpm. The faster they run, the faster the data is transmitted. They are generally available in two sizes: 2.5 “or 3.5”, and can be found with large storage capacity at a much lower price than SSDs.

  • SSD (solid-state hard drives) use less power, are quieter due to no moving parts, and use microchips with flash memory to store files, turning them into a kind of USB memory. Similar in size to 2.5 inch hard drives, they are faster, but also much more expensive.

Once we have the necessary accessories and we have chosen the most suitable external hard drive for our needs, managing files on iPad is very easy: is done via the Files application, which is installed by default on tablets. The unit will appear in the sidebar, and we can see the content or add new ones.

Regarding the hard drive format, iPads can read formatted external storage drives HFS +, ExFAT, FAT32 (this has a limit of 4 GB per file) and APFS. NTFS hard drives, which is the system Microsoft uses in Windows, are not compatible, so if it comes in this format, we need to format it first.

IPad hard drives

Toshiba Canvio Basics

Toshiba Canvio BasicsToshiba Canvio Basics

This hard drive is one of Amazon’s bestsellers and with better reviews. With a weight of 148 grams and 2TB of storage, when powered by USB, we won’t need a nearby outlet, and with its USB 3.0 port, we can enjoy faster transfers. It is one of the best for its value for money and costs 58 euros.



With a compact design and a lot of internal storage capacity, we have this Maxtor, other hard drives that are sold very well and with good reviews that allow high data transfer speeds. It weighs 190 grams, a little more than the previous one, but it has 4 To. Its price is 99.95 euros. There are also 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options.

WD My Passport

Wd My PassportWd My Passport

With a more attractive design, we have the WD My Passport, a hard drive from the famous Western Digital company. Software is included to perform automatic backups with WD Backup and password protection with hardware encryption. Available in various colors, 2TB is priced at 86.56 euros.

Seagate Portable

Seagate PortableSeagate Portable

With a 45 cm long cable included, we have the Seagate Portable, a sober and elegant looking hard drive that does not require any special configuration to work beyond possible formatting in order to be compatible with the iPad. . With 5 TB of storage We will have enough to save a large number of photos, videos or other files. On Amazon, it is available via 169,99 euros 124,99 euros.

WD elements

Wd elementsWd Elements

Another Western Digital hard drive to consider is the Elements model, a model that it practically fits in the palm of your hand with a large internal storage capacity of 5TB to store all our important information. Its weight is 231 grams, and there are other versions with different capacities. Its price is 144.74 euros.

SSD SanDisk Extreme

Sandisk Extreme SsdSandisk Extreme Ssd

This SanDisk Extreme hard drive is different from others because it is an SSD, so file transfers are much faster (up to 550MB / s). Moreover, he IP55 certified, making it a sturdy device that is water and dust resistant. Another of its strengths is that it is quite compact. In addition, it has a USB-C connector and an adapter for USB-A. The 1 TB version can be obtained for 169.99 euros.

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Save

Verbatim Store N SaveVerbatim Store N Save

Although known for its CD / DVDs, Verbatim also manufactures hard drives. Their Store ‘n’ Save offering offers high performance storage, integrates Green Button energy saving software and can be placed flat and upright. At Amazon, we can get it from 4 TB for 101.29 euros.

WD My Passport Go

Wd My Passport GoWd My Passport Go

An alternative to the previous SanDisk Extreme SSD is the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Save, a solid-state external hard drive drop resistant up to 2 meters thanks to a rubber bumper to protect against bumps and knocks even when connected. The cable is integrated into the reader and offers speeds of up to 400 MB / s. From 500 GB we have it for 87.52 euros.

Disque dur Ultra Slim Maxon


Most hard drives, even if they are small, are usually a bit thick, which is not the case with this Maxone. It also does not need an external power supply, and it has 1016 cm thick, so it doesn’t take up much space. Its price is 74.93 euros on Amazon.

Source: Appleinsider