Have you thought about which League of Legends champion is most like you? Find out which of them you could be friends with!

As the years passed, more and more new heroes appeared in LoL. Currently, there are as many as 138 of them! Each of them has its own unique character and history. Some of them are perfect leaders and lead their team to victory, while others derive their greatest joy from killing. Have you ever wondered which of them would be your perfect companion? Now you can check it out!

Are you woman or man? Woman. Man. Correct! Wrong!

Which hero could be your friend?

You have two paths to choose from: dark and light. Which one are you following? Light. Darkness. Correct! Wrong!

Which of these values ​​is most important to you? Beauty. Family. Belief. Friendship. Knowledge. Good. Imagination. Harmony. Fun. Freedom. Correct! Wrong!

How many friends do you have? I don’t need friends! Few.. or not at all. I have many trusted friends! I just have my other half. Correct! Wrong!

What do you do in your free time? I spend time with my other half. I’m thinking… I’m spending time with my family/friends. I create art. Shhh! I train. I’m learning. Something else. Correct! Wrong!

Which hero could be your friend?

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If you were a LoL character, what would you enjoy the most? Helping others. Leading the team to victory. Surprise attack as a jungler. Killing. Farming and isolating yourself from the rest. I don’t know… Correct! Wrong!

What do you usually do using your smartphone? I troll on facebook or forums. I go on chats and meet new people. I read books. I listen to music. I’m taking a selfie! I read creepypastas or scary stories. I’m playing something. I’m talking to my friends. Correct! Wrong!

What character trait is most important to you? Taciturnity. Courage. Wisdom. Loyalty. Sensitivity. Perfectionism. Brutality. Optimism. Persistence. Sense of humor. Correct! Wrong!

Which hero could be your friend?

Which way to fight your opponent do you choose? Shooting. Something else. hand-to-hand combat. Magic. Correct! Wrong!

With what attitude do you go into battle with the enemy? I’m gonna smash it and everything around it! Violence is not necessary, there are other ways to do it… No mercy. Killing is… an ART. He will dance when I play for him. I will beat him in my own unique way. Correct! Wrong!

Do you have a painful past? Yes No. Correct! Wrong!

Do you see yourself as a leader? Yes. NO. Correct! Wrong!

Which hero could be your friend?

What is (or was) your favorite subject in school? Physical education. No! Who needs school… Educational lesson / Upbringing for family life. Mathematics / Technical classes. Bit of everything. Music / Arts activities. Correct! Wrong!

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