Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed? When choosing which racing video game to choose, there are many doubts and questions that come to mind, for example which is the best, the most complete or even the one that better fluency offers. Today we will be analyzing two of the best titles: Gran Turismo and Need for Speed.

Both racing video games They are considered great options for enjoyment and adrenaline. Although in theory they look very similar, each of them has its own characteristics. Join us to discover which of the games is the best.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?

Gran Turismo or Need for Speed

The truth is that It is not such an easy decision to make. Both Gran Turismo and Need for Speed ​​offer exciting features and great graphics. However, it must also be said that the GT series is undoubtedly the most complete and realistic.

Gran Turismo has practically all the cars in the world available, and that’s not all, it also offers the possibility of customizing our vehicles. You can buy the upgradeable car, go wash it, change the oil, put new parts on it, among other functions.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?

Need for Speed ​​also looks like a excellent option to chooseHowever, it is not as complete as Gran Turismo. In the latest versions of this video game, some changes have been incorporated that have not greatly favored the competition dynamics.

There are users who say that the latest Need for Speed ​​are very deficient compared to the first versions of the game. Here there is not so much possibility to choose vehicles, that is to say that in Gran Turismo there are many more options, since it has cars from all eras.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?

need for speed

One of the most popular and successful racing video game series of all time is undoubtedly Need for Speed. The series focuses on illicit street racing and here players have the chance to compete in different types of races, breaking local law on more than one occasion in police chases.

The first version of this game was released in 1994 and was titled The Need for Speed. From there, there have been many versions that have come to light, although always trying to maintain their initial origins.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?

We are in front of one of the most exciting video games of the world. Among its great qualities are the police chases, one of its main characteristics. This series came to be considered one of the best and most successful in the world.

Grand Touring

He main opponent Need for Speed ​​is unquestionably Gran Turismo, another of the most popular racing video game series in the world. If something catches the attention of this series, it is the realistic aspect that it prints in each of its titles.

Here you will literally feel like you are driving on a track filled with a lot of adrenaline. All the games, at the time, showed meticulous details in physics simulation of driving and a large number of cars, almost all inspired by real cars.

Which is better: Gran Turismo or Need for Speed?

Since its launch it has positioned itself as one of the greatest successes of the Sony company. The first version of the video game was the best-seller for PlayStation, like the following versions have been widely accepted by the public.