The iPad has become a work and productivity tool that, in many cases, can replace a computer. But for you to do it completely, you have to have a quality keyboard, and in the market we have many options to choose from.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best keyboards currently available for the 7th generation iPad, launched by Apple in 2019 and with a 10.2-inch screen. You will surely find a perfect option for you in the following list.

Logitech Slim Folio

This is one of the best options that can be found on the market, a keyboard case that uses Bluetooth technology for its connection. The keyboard turns on and off only by putting it in the correct position and it has high quality keys, with a path that makes typing on the iPad very enjoyable.

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SENGBIRCH keyboard

Probably the best option for those who want a good, affordable keyboard, which is also compatible with all devices in the house. This keyboard is compatible with any Bluetooth device, be it an iPad or iPhone, Windows, Android or Mac computer, which is why it is the most versatile keyboard on the list.

IVSO keyboard case

If you are looking for a keyboard case for your iPad, this is it the best quality / price ratio you will find. It has a wireless bluetooth keyboard which can be separated from the case and is also backlit, it has 3 zones with 7 different colors and 3 brightness levels. A great option for the iPad.

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Logitech Combo Touch

It is probably the best option right now if in addition to the keyboard you want to have a trackpad that takes advantage of the latest iPadOS features. It’s a spectacular keyboard, which uses the Smart Connector to connect to the iPad, so there’s no need to charge it, and also includes a trackpad to control the device.

Apple smart keyboard

There is nothing like the original. he Apple Smart Keyboard is the best keyboard for iPad which you will find because it is specially designed by Apple for your device. It’s connected through the smart connector, so it takes power from the iPad itself so it doesn’t have to be charged separately, and it occupies and weighs very little compared to other options.

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Logitech Keys-To-GO

This option is perfect for mobility, it is a keyboard that can be carry everywhere thanks to its thin and light design, which is also waterproof. It’s a bluetooth keyboard compatible with any device, so you can use it for iPad and for your iPhone or computer.

Source : Techradar