Which LG Smartphone is the newest?.

Which LG Smartphone is the newest? LG Electronics has launched extraordinary quality devices on the market, with legendary equipment such as the LG B1200 or the LG G1800, in addition, it is one of the most important technology companies in the world with unbeatable sales.

Now, in this post, we will talk about LG Smartphones and we will characterize the LG Rollablethe company’s proposal for the year 2021.

Which LG Smartphone is the newest?

What characterizes LG Smartphones?

LG Smartphones are characterized by:

  • Offer quality at a very good price, both in high-end, mid-range and low-end equipment. LG teams are super versatile.
  • Have great features and very good tools that equal and surpass the quality of Motorola, Xiaomi, Samsung and stop counting.
  • Innovate, for example, LG Dual Screen Smartphones they have a double screen.
  • Work perfectly with all versions of Android operating systems.
  • Remember that when buying your LG Smartphone you must verify:

    Which LG Smartphone is the newest?
    • RAM memory.
    • The size of the screen and its resolution.
    • The capacity of the main camera and the front camera.
    • Battery capacity.

    LG Rollable, a device with an incomparable screen

    The company LG Electronics announced to its consumers that it would launch by the year 2021, a Smartphone with a roll-up screenbeing the first device that can roll up your screen fully automatically.

    • LG Rollable, a phone and a tablet at the same time.

    The LG Rollable folds inside And it can be expanded to provide a much larger panel, providing a sensational playback or gaming experience.

    Which LG Smartphone is the newest?

    Some of its representative characteristics:

  • Will have a retractable frame.
  • It will have a OLED screenit slides both on the right side and on the left side.
  • OS Android 11.
  • In its Smartphone format it would have a 6.8-inch panel diagonally.
  • In its Tablet format it would have a panel of 4 inches.
  • Other next-generation LG Smartphones…

    LG launches its K Series by 2021, with Mid-Range Smartphones, these are:

    Which LG Smartphone is the newest?

      These devices have a phenomenal premium design and its functions offer everything that the user requires in his daily life.

      These devices are characterized by:

    • Have 5 cameras:
      • 4 posterior chambers: Macro, Wide Angle, Portrait and the Standard. The main one is 48 MP.
      • Front camera (selfie): 8MP (K42), 13MP (K52) and 28MP (K62).
    • The K42 device is gray and green in color with a UV back coating.
    • The LG K52 and LG K62 teams are blue and white with a matte finish.
    • The LG K series features texture and anti-slip technology.
    • The “ON/OFF” button works as a fingerprint sensor.
    • 6.6-inch screen.
    • Resolution HD+.
    • A 4,000 mAh battery.
    • Your storage capacity:
      • K62: 128GB.
      • K52 and K42: 64 GB.

      You decide which device to buy.

      Which LG Smartphone is the newest?