Which Nintendo Switch is better?.

Which Nintendo Switch is better? Within the possibilities that exist for entertaining, the videogames They have a very important presence.

Since the dawn of the era of video games, these have become a fundamental element to invest hundreds of hours, for both large and small, and one of the best-known companies in this field is Nintendo.

Which Nintendo Switch is better?

Nintendo is a designer, developer and producer of both video games and consoles. For more than thirty years it has been offering an immense console catalogsuch as the popular Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Game Boy color and advance, Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U, Game Cube and many more.

Each one with enormous success in sales around the world. The latest console developed by Nintendo is the Nintendo Switch. This was launched on the video game market in 2017 and since then its popularity has been unstoppable. In current times, Nintendo has registered sales of this console that exceed 80 million units.

Which Nintendo Switch is better?

Are there different Switches?

This console differs from the rest of those found in the competition for being fully hybrid.

This means that it works both as a desktop console that allows you to enjoy the games through a television screen, but also through a tablet to which the console controls are attached, making it totally portable.

Which Nintendo Switch is better?

So this console merged the two console modalities that Nintendo has historically developed, revolutionizing the field of video games to date. No other console on the market can do what the Nintendo Switch does.

There are currently two models of Nintendo Switch

the standard version which came out in 2017 and the lite version, which was released in 2019. While the first version of Nintendo Switch can be both desktop and portable, the second is completely portable.

Which Nintendo Switch is better?

This model was produced with the purpose of providing a more economically accessible console, but it only allows you to play the games that were developed for portable mode. It is more compact than the Nintendo Switch, and the latter’s Joy-cons or controls cannot be detached since they are fully integrated into the console.

Which version of Nintendo Switch is the best?

The answer to this question it can become subjective. Since many users prefer to enjoy their favorite games on their television screen, with all the features that it provides, as well as being able to play them with other people through the joy-cons, something that you cannot do with the lite version.

But, on the other hand, too, many users are accustomed to portability of their consoles, since they can take their game anywhere. Although this is the beginning of the Nintendo Switch, with the lite version, you have this option, but at a much cheaper price.

Which Nintendo Switch is better?

While the nintendo switch It is around 300 dollars in price, the Nintendo Switch Lite amounting to 199 dollars.