Here are our two places of what we think is the best resident evil. After the elimination process, you can surely imagine what will happen next week: Resident Evil – Survivor will be the best biohazard ever and everyone agrees (except Martin, he says: Resident Evil : Deadly Silence on the DS, we’ll see…)! (And no, it’s not too stupid for me to make the same joke twice in a row. That would only be if the Resis fallout weren’t so bad).

In any case, working on this series of articles reminded me of the particularity of this series. Everyone thinks of something else when they hear “Resident Evil” and yet everyone ends up saying the same thing. The selection of our five favorite resis shows the number of faces in this series very well. And even though she had to go through one or the other crisis of self-discovery, it continued, often with more zest than before. The Resident Evil core simply cannot be killed. A special series. But who should I tell? You are not there by chance and are already reading part four of a series on games that are at least yesterday.

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  • 2nd place: Resident Evil 2 and the invention of my fear (this page)
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Resident Evil 1 – and, if you like, the HD Remaster

It had to be number one, right? I thought so too, or at least thought so when I took notes for this top 5. This game impressed me as much as a lot of friends back then – I’ve never liked Resident Evil so much and I will never love her so much one. It’s so full to the brim with fabulous moments, has possibly the most beautiful and memorable location in the series, and no tech hangers.

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Apart from a few unnecessary means (thank you, inventory!), This game, taken as a venue, is for me the quintessence of “tight”. And even the back and forth was always exciting for me as a runaway, as I could literally feel that the avoidance strategy would come back at some point. RE1 is the ultimate shocking escape from the monster house, which I still remember vividly a quarter of a century later (and the arrhythmic pulse that caused me). To this day, video games often unsuccessfully perform the ideal of these scary trainers, and I still have a good mood skillfully built with ease.

And yet, Resi 1 is now in second place. The reason is that I have found my love for him to be mostly nostalgic in nature. It’s fun even in the 2015 remastered, which I also loved for a while, and which you can also read here instead of the original (although the old really silly dialogue is lacking in it), it’s hard to digest today. I still know how to do it, I know the key mission by heart. But my fingers don’t really want to follow my head. Over the past few decades, the evolution of video games has given you your own idea of ​​how to move in three-dimensional space, aim at a gun, etc. Almost always when I put RE1 on the run, the first hour, sometimes longer, it’s just a cramp – one that I like to massage until my thumbs ask again, but still a cramp.

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For me, Resident Evil 1 is therefore more of a time capsule in each of its versions than a game that I put on for fun. Every year I ride it once, put my nose to the opening and let the aroma of that time take me back to a simpler time and certainly also transfigured. To put it very clearly: that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have qualities that have stood the test of time. On the contrary: how easy it is for Resident Evil or its HD Remaster to always bring me back, it doesn’t just speak of my affection for these parts.

It says a lot about their universal strengths that time can’t hurt – about their understanding of the space they move in, the unique mood, the elegance with which the threat level increases, and their perverse understanding of the term. survival. At the time, you didn’t know what to expect here. That’s what each new shot tells you, focusing only on what’s absolutely necessary, sometimes not even. In this way, it makes the player imagine the horrors that their character is only watching. And the imagination is always more powerful than any graphic artist. Still, I’m pretty sure my affection for it and my pants full of what was probably tucked away in the next corner isn’t immediately palpable to someone making the first attempt here today.

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That doesn’t change the fact that I still admire Resident Evil 1 and it’s one of the most important games in my socialization as a player and many more. I don’t think a game in this series has any comparable historical significance – the fourth could sometimes come close – and I have no idea what a future Resident Evil would have to do to get someone to write a letter to it. comparable love 24 years after its release. . It was also cool that the first remaster showed just how much Capcom still dwells on its own creations after their long-running release. The damned Crimson Head Zombies, the walking dead that follow you through the doors of other rooms, and the new timing – whether you like the old one or not – paint the picture of a studio that’s not just interested in easy money with another publishing win. It tells me that the creators themselves are never really happy with their work.

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In the case of the first part, they could have kept quiet, as it’s nothing less than living and breathing video game history, even if it does make a bit of noise. Not only am I saying this so that I can regain my nostalgia as easily as possible in the future, but despite all the technical difficulties due to the handling and the spirit of the last days, this game is worth implementing on every platform. news used by console manufacturers. throw the market. What’s been going on for a while. What a pleasure that this awkward game of yesterday has succeeded in achieving an ideal of timelessness.

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