Seris will get the Angelic skin though? Who will get winter skins this year? And can we expect a new look for the mount in the form of … cat skin? check.

Who can get winter skins in Paladins?

New skins or cosmetic items

Do you remember voting for a new skin for Seris? The proposals included the Angelic skin, which was probably inspired by one of the very popular concepts by Mike Katar, which we wrote about (see). Of course, the Infernal skin won, but it seems that the creators still decide to add some element for Seris with an angel theme – of course, it is not known whether it will be the whole skin, or maybe just some accessory, weapon or emote.

Among the novelties, the Red October theme, which we have already written about, remains valid, and it concerns Buck, Makoy, Tyra, Viktor and Ying.

An interesting thing is the skin for the mount, which is called “Cat Mount”. What do you think he might look like? Perhaps it’s a skin that will simply turn our horse into some big cat?

The list looks like this:

  • Mount – Cat Mount Skin,
  • Cassie (Evil Ruler),
  • Evie (Ice Skating),
  • Fernando (Matchmaker – Riot Cop),
  • Seris (Angelic),
  • Torvald (Desert),
  • Zhin (no name).
  • Hi-Rez Expo Items:
    • except MVP Seris,
    • outside of Drogoz,
    • Lex (Dark Science Fiction).
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It is also known who is most likely to receive winter-themed skins.

  • Snow Themed:
    • Bomb King,
    • Pip (Arctic),
    • Strix (Snow Owl).

It also became clear what the Chibi that appeared on Torvald in the previous datamining means. And it’s about … sprays.

  • Chibi Spray:
    • androxus,
    • Drogoz,
    • Fernando,
    • Maeve,
    • Torvald,
    • Villa.

Game Modes/Maps

  • Asiatic Map (Siege),
  • Bash (Siege),
  • Crenshaw.

An interesting thing here is the Asiatic Map, whose theme – judging from the name – will be related to Asia, and as we know, there are several heroes in Paladins who are particularly associated with this continent (Ying, Lian, Sha Lin, Zhin). Maybe the map will be another reference to the lore of one of them?

There is still information about the Halloween map in the game files – it is not known when it will be added.

Who can get winter skins in Paladins?



Churchill has been leaked many times, but still little is known about him. We can guess that the character may be a tank because he has a shield. The game files currently contain the following information:

  • Churchill, Human Warrior
  • Weapon held in hand
    • projectile recoil,
    • show grid,
    • start ADS bonuses,
    • movement speed.
  • Ability – Ward
    • placing a ward,
    • Ward’s bullet.
  • Ability – Shield
    • you take less damage
    • shield prototype.
  • Ability – Turret
    • place a turret,
    • Left & Right Drone.
  • Skill
    • bullet,
    • AoE slowdown
    • AoE pulse.
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We also know very little about this hero:

  • bolt gun,
  • guns,
  • skill – shield,
  • skill – charge.


In his case, it is not entirely clear whether it is a new champion. The dataminer writes:

  • Apparently it’s related to the mount?
  • Mount, horse.
  • May not be a champion or a mount character, who knows.

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