Who created League of Legends?.

Who created League of Legends? If you would love to know who the creators of the popular video game League of Legends were and How did this wonderful idea come about? We invite you not to stop reading the following article. Here we will tell you the most relevant details about the history of this video game.

League of Legends is currently the favorite video game by millions of users around the world. There is hardly a country where LOL is not played. But do you know who created it and when it first came to light? Read on and find out everything about the popular battle game.

Who created League of Legends?

When and who created League of Legends?

League of Legends, also called by its acronym LOL, is classified as a multiplayer game which is part of the online battle arena genre, popularly known as MOBA.

The famous battle video game was Developed by Riot Games, one of the most popular game editors of all time. The company was founded in September 2006 to develop League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Who created League of Legends?

Currently, League of Legends is available for both Windows and Mac devices and can be downloaded for free and easily. The only thing you need to download this video game is an account which you have the option to create for free from the official LOL platform.

We would say that those responsible for found Riot Games, the company in charge of developing League of Legends, were Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill. Both characters were associated with Steve Feak and Steve Mescon famous for having designed the Defense of The Ancients custom map from the renowned Warcraft iii: The Frozen Throne.

Who created League of Legends?

The official LOL map could be said to have been born as an inspiration for the map initially created for the game WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. However, new elements were incorporated that considerably expanded the experience in this new project.

This is how League of Legends was born and shortly after its official launch it would become one of the most popular video games on the market. The success of this project lay in the incorporation of different concepts typical of other games, from the map to the large number of heroes available.

Who created League of Legends?

Until that moment, the game was nothing more than another warcraft iii mod. However, things changed once Guinsoo (Steve Feak) made the decision to give version 6 of the map to a new developer: IceFrog

From then on he started gain more strength the idea of ​​having an independent game with its own engine. The new project would begin to take shape from the year 2005.

How League of Legends was created

The exciting story of League of Legends began when a group of the Dota community came across this interesting game that had something in particular: Captivating everyone who played it, as well as being fun and innovative.

Who created League of Legends?

In the month of September 2006 the company Riot Games held its opening officially. Today the company is made up of more than 100 workers who are in charge of maintaining everything related to League of Legends.

A curious fact is that in the process of champion development not a few people intervene, but rather the entire company through votes and varied opinions.