Who created Sonic Mania?.

Who created Sonic Mania? Sonic Mania is one of the video games that created the most expectations before its launch, for fans of the blue hedgehog, it became one of the most anticipated and although many of the critics did not bet on the success of this game, it was undoubtedly some a pleasant surprise for many.

And it is that this version of Sonic it is an excellent compilation One of the best parts of the previous games in the saga, on the other hand, it has a large number of additions that give the video game more dynamism and speed. The 2D graphics are a note of modernity that many like.

Who created Sonic Mania?

The creators

This tribute to Sonic’s 25th anniversary was born as an initiative of several fans, who in collaboration with Sonic Team, They gave a new life to Sega’s blue hedgehog, giving it a new phase of life in which it develops as a more modern character and with new adventures.

And it is that its creators Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, supported by the independent studios PagodaWest Games, which were in charge of carrying out the artistic part and design of the different levels and their acts, in addition to the audio effects and additional programming, all of these supported and supervised by the Sonic Team

Who created Sonic Mania?

The bases

The creators of this excellent version of the Sonic video games, they are fans of them and based on their gaming experiences, through which they evaluated the failures of the previous versions of the saga and added all the adventures they wanted to have in the game.

This compilation of the most interesting parts of the previous video games in the saga, reinvented, to call them somehow is the sensation of the fans of this game. Additionally, they added some novelties to the worlds or areas in which the action and adventures of Sonic and his friends take place.

Who created Sonic Mania?

Where can you play?

This version of the game is available for the consoles of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course for PCs. In any of these alternatives, fans have the chance to live the adventures of the characters of this iconic video game, it is for many the best version of Sonic that came on the market.

Some of the news

Among the novelties of this anniversary version, players will be able to discover that it was developed in 2D, which gives the game a more modern version and that it also has greater speed than previous versions.

Who created Sonic Mania?

On the other hand, the zones have some significant changes that give them greater dynamism and it can be played by two people at the same time, which means that it will no longer be an individual game but a teammates’ game, which is a great contribution.

the classic

Even though Sonic Mania has elements that give it modernity, the creators they took care of the most relevant classic details and have always given fans satisfying gaming experiences, so it can be defined as a mix of classic and modern elements.