Who popularized among Us?.

Who popularized among Us? This is a fairly common question that we all ask ourselves, this happens because normally we don’t know many of the origins of things and since we are curious, we want to know more about this game, Among Us became popular for being different from what we are used to and change what would be the normal thing to do is to create 3D Shooter or Battle Royale games, perhaps this was what made him increase his fame.

The popular Among Us game was known in 2020 and this is because it has been the most cybernetic year in the world, where everyone stayed at home, internet lines collapsing due to the use of machines, everyone bored by not knowing what to do and just at that moment the game begins to go viral today you will learn more about this and why it became popular.

Who popularized among Us?

Why did it become more popular in some areas than in others?

At first, despite the fact that this game was developed by a company in the United States, it was not as successful there but in Brazil and South Korea, it was popularized by people streaming from that place who came to show the world this game, however, beyond who popularized Among Us that we already know that it was the Brazilians and the Koreans; because it became more popular there; the only thing I can think of is because there are people who try new games.

Normally, for a game to become popular, several things have to happen, have something different, have people who support it and, above all, invite them to play it, in other words, for it to sell itself, the company not only achieved it but also did it with the With the help of those who had a greater receptivity, these streamers from these countries are assiduous to try new things and this supports the fact that this game could be popularized.

Who popularized among Us?

What made the game popular apart from being different?

We do not believe that it was a coincidence that in the worst year so far this century (2020) this game arrived to connect with friends and be able to enjoy good times, apart from who popularized Among Us we have to think about what it was that did it and without a doubt it was the connection that it could create between people at different distances, it was that connection point to be able to enjoy with your friends without being physically.

Why did Among Us become popular in 2020?

I think it was already clear from the previous title that this game really became popular because of the connection between people, in addition to the fact that it was fun, different, with a totally different game modality, that made you think and that managed to get you out of it. from the negative approach of everything that was happening, it will be known as one of the most fun games of that time with less weight in storage and that anyone could play with a basic phone.

Who popularized among Us?

Is it still being played now?

You may think that there is no longer anyone playing it at this time but the reality is different, it is true that its followers have dropped drastically but millions of people continue to play around the world, who popularized Among Us I wouldn’t think that this game would reach these extremes, but things happened because it was a fun game, everything happens naturally, one day you’re famous and the next you’re still active but only with a few people.