the video games were ‘prescribed’ as recommended treatment for our ‘new life’ at home caused by the coronavirus.
Game makers love it Activision Blizzard or Zynga on Saturday they started to launch a new initiative called #PlayApartTogether to encourage people to have fun and practice physical distance at the same time.
The initiative, supported byWorld Health Organization (WHO), is particularly noteworthy because the WHO previously officially designated video game addiction as a mental health disorder.
But the group hopes that the industry can ” reach millions of people with important messages to help prevent the spread of COVID-19” he said Ray rooms, WHO Ambassador for the Global Strategy in a statement. Gaming companies will encourage players to stay away and observe other safety measures, including hand hygiene, he said.
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« We are at a crucial time to define the results of this pandemic“He said in a tweet later. “Game companies have a global audience – we all encourage #PlayApartTogether. Greater physical distance + other measures will help flatten the curve and save livesVideo games can not only be a great fun, but also a way to connect socially with friends and family from home.
« We are in a truly unique moment, in which the coronavirus (COVID-19) affects all citizens, countries and cultures of the world” he said Amanda Taggart, communication manager of Unity Technologies. Unity Technologies’ real-time 3D engine powers 50% of all video games for consoles, computers and mobile devices. Games that use the Unity engine include Angry Birds 2, Call of Duty: Mobile, Mario Kart Tour, Untitled Goose Game, Disco Elysium, and Wasteland 3.
« Governments tell us the most important tool we have to help reduce the global death toll from COVID-19 is physical eviction“He said in a post on the company’s blog on Saturday. “From California and Copenhagen to Monaco, Mumbai, etc., state officials are asking residents to stay in their homes for the benefit of our friends, family, and global society at large.«
Other game companies supporting the campaign include the Amazon App Store, Big Fish Games, Jam City, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming.
« Keeping people safe has never been more essential” he said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, which has seen its Call of Duty: Warzone attract over 30 million players since its release. ” Games are the perfect platform because they connect people in a joyful and meaningful way. We are proud to be part of such a useful and necessary initiative« .

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Riot Games, Producer of League of Legends, will promote the #PlayApartTogether initiative in their eSports lounges. ” Let’s keep it physically separate to help flatten the curve” he said Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games on Twitter.
« For fans, playing is more than just a game; it is a real “mission”. And now, for billions of gamers around the world, playing could help with the most important mission of saving lives. Let’s win this boss battle against COVID-19 together«
Several other game companies in the US support #PlayApartTogether in a variety of ways:

  • Zynga will make more content available for free in its Dawn of Titans game (on Android and iOS) and make a free BMW Z04 available in CSR Racing 2 if players complete 250 million races in the next two weeks.
  • Dirtybit will give Fun Run players 3 additional rewards for completing missions.
  • Pocket Gems adds new features to Episode and War Dragons.
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In addition to improving games, developers and publishers also encourage those who want to learn how to develop games on their own.
Unity offers three free months of Unity Learn Premium. The company’s educational program includes lessons, tutorials, and live sessions, as well as a virtual lesson for teaching code. The seven-week lesson, which began March 23, includes on-demand sessions so newcomers can get up to speed.
Unity’s goal is “educate and encourage people to stay at home by playing – and creating – games», Explains the company on its blog.
Likewise, Riot Games offers a free online game design course for middle and high school students. ” These lesson plans are for a classroom, but we bet they would be fantastic at homeThe company said Friday in a tweet.
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Source: USAToday.

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