Who speaks on Google Maps?.

Who speaks on Google Maps? Google Maps is without a doubt, the main web server for consulting spatialized information. It is an extremely useful tool in current times, since at any time and anywhere in the world you can consult it to find out, for example, the transport or traffic situation.

But these are two small examples compared to the capabilities of this tool, which is even used for research and development purposes.

Who speaks on Google Maps?

One of the functions provided by this server is GPS navigation and the possibility of locate an address and even tell you how to get to a certain place through a series of indications. But how does he manage to do this? It’s as easy as choosing a place you want to navigate to from your current location.

Navigation with GPS and your human voice

The gps navigation It is a tool currently widely used for the transport and mobility of users. It is consulted when knowing an address to which you have never been. This tool will tell you both visually and with a human voice which is the route and how to get there.

Who speaks on Google Maps?

Whose voice is that?

The voice you hear when you start navigation in Google Maps could seem completely robotic and inhuman, but it is not so, it belongs to a person who exists in reality. By the timbre of her voice you will know that she is a girl.

This girl is called karen jacobsen and is a famous artist, motivational speaker, singer, and voice-over and composer of Australian nationality, currently living in New York, United States.

Who speaks on Google Maps?

How to navigate in Google Maps following Karen’s voice?

The indications of this girl are activated when using the navigation using GPS. The procedure is the next:

  • Enter the platform from Google Maps through the mobile version.
  • In the search bar you must place the name of a town
  • Pressing enter will update the Google Maps view directly to the location you are looking for. At the bottom of the screen you will see various icons. You must press on “How to get”.
  • At the top you will find two boxes. the first with ´Your location´ and the second with the name of the place of destination. On the screen view the route will open with travel time information highlighted as a label.
  • Below these boxes you can clearly see the time it would take you to reach that address through different means. From left to right you will find the time spent if you travel by car, then by train or bus if this information is available, in addition to the time on foot and by bike.
  • Towards the bottom you will also find the time and the distance in km highlighted that it will take you to get there to that address. Below this you will have to click on ‘Start’.
  • Then the view will change and it will be shown as an almost three-dimensional view and you will begin to hear Karen speak indicating each movement that you must make during the journey.
  • Who speaks on Google Maps?