“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying..

Hedgehogs are a business device. This kind of thinking has been lingering in society for years. And rightly so. But not completely. I decided to devote the following text to the Blackberry company and its new BB10 system and the mythology that has grown around the devices, facts and changes that have taken place. So if you hesitate to buy because of the fear of sinking money into a useless terminal, the following text may dispel some of these doubts. enjoy.

First of all, terminals (yes, that’s the correct name, although it sounds a bit like an ATM in the wall of a supermarket) are not as business-like as they might seem. My main argument against – there are no devices with a double SIM slot, and probably will not be. For a modern business man, this is often an indispensable element. It is true that some operators have finally managed to activate the gray cells and launch the service of adding two numbers to one card, but so far the function is not available in every network. Such a slight curiosity because the technology is not new at all, but it has not been implemented. Why? When you don’t know what’s going on (there are opportunities, infrastructure and specialists), it’s about money. There’s nothing like ripping more mammon out of a client. The way we are treated by network operators in the sunny homeland calls for vengeance to heaven, but this is material for a separate article and too long to write here. So let’s get back to the merits.

Another argument against the “businessness” of Jeżynki is the assumption that a businessman does nothing but make phone calls and receive e-mails. There are different industries, different needs and applications in Blackberry World are like medicine. In terms of usability, i.e. stable, refined, professional applications that allow you to work on the move, iOS wins whether you like it or not. On a daily basis, I use all three systems (android, iOS, BB) for various tasks and I know what I am talking about from experience, not from crap written on the internet by “znafcuf”.

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.

However, a big YES for using the terminal as corporate communication is a high level of security and the ability to profile the device in such a way as to separate business and private matters. This cannot be denied to RIM and they refined and refined this aspect almost to the level of paranoid madness.

After this deterrent introduction, which suggests that Jeżynki are not entirely suitable for business or for the average Kowalski, I will move on to the brighter side of the coin.

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.

The unintuitiveness of the new version of the system is a MIT. Probably in the vast expanses of the internet you will find dozens of statements by resentful undergrowth collectors, whose world collapsed because someone took the “Menu” button and life became a series of torments because of the gesture-oriented interface. The truth is that these are the voices of the so-called “concrete”. For them, any changes are a reason for despair and they will also cry whether something makes life easier or actually makes it harder, and the reality shows that mastering the interface takes a few minutes. Even for someone who has never dealt with the BB OS philosophy before. Just take a look at the simple guide attached to each copy. And if, according to the old Polish custom, you read the instructions only when all else fails – just watch one video from the “review” to learn the rules.

Many also shed bitter tears over the keyboard and entering text in Polish. That it cannot be configured, that it cannot be changed, set differently. That’s true. It is impossible to interfere with the basic operation and settings of the keyboard without digging somewhere in the software. From the level of the average bread eater, this art is unattainable, but also from this level we can quickly master and simplify things.

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.
  • first, in Settings, we select the language options and set our native (unless we set it during the initial configuration of the terminal after starting)
  • then in the additional settings, we turn on word suggestions and the learning option. We can also configure useful functions here, such as automatic capitalization of sentences, dot with double space or spell check
  • from then on, all we have to do is write, write and write. Hedgehog will learn not only new words (and he has a lot of them from the machine) but also the style of speech. With each passing day, text input will become faster and more automated.

Here are some little input tips:

  • holding down the key causes a capital letter by default, but if we hold it down a bit longer, we will bring up the menu of Polish diacritics and insert the necessary letter by touching it on the screen
  • if the word in the hints is highlighted in green, just press the spacebar to insert it
  • the remaining words from the hint are inserted by touching them with your finger
  • moving the cursor back with the “backspace” button to a given word will allow you to edit it to the version entered from the keyboard (and not suggested by the hints)

As you can see, it does not differ much from the typing system known even from Android and the physical keyboard wins with the virtual one from every angle. It is worth noting here that Blackberry keyboards are the most comfortable available and I say this with all responsibility because I have already “written” on phones a bit in my life. Just as iOS’s virtual wins virtual, RIM’s physical wins physical.

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.

The next problem of Hedgehogs are deficiencies in applications. And that’s true, but not entirely. BB OS number 10 gives us support for Android applications. Not some combination, converting .apk files to .bar as it was in previous versions of the system, but company, system, full-fledged support. We can install apps and games directly from .apk files. And there are two ways to do it.

The first is simply downloading files with the .apk extension from the internet. It is enough to select the option of installing software from outside the Blackberry World store in the Jeżynka Settings (in the security tab), enter the folder with the downloaded application and run it with a touch. Just. It installs and we have. Most work without any problem, some not necessarily, but Blackberry has to admit that subsequent system updates bring more and more support and better stability.

The second way is to install the Snap app. It requires a bit more steps but believe me, it’s simple, hassle-free and has a cosmic advantage over the first method. We get full access to our account on Google Play and install applications directly from the Google store. And to make it more fun, if you have any paid versions there, you don’t have to pay the fee a second time. You just install them on Jeżynka and that’s it. Below is a small Snap installation guide (we need a USB cable from the hackle, the device itself and any computer with a Chrome browser).

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.
  • we download the Snap application from here to the computer or directly from this link where there is always the latest version
  • download the DDPB application and install it
  • on the smartphone, go to Settings – Application manager – Application installation – we enable the option of installing applications from outside the BB store
  • run Settings – Security and Privacy – Creation Mode – set any password (needed for a moment so no matter how simple it will be)
  • we connect the Blackberry with a cable to the computer
  • install Blackberry Link in accordance with the guidelines appearing on the terminal/PC screen (unless you already have it installed). If something doesn’t surprise you, the BB Link software can be found here.
  • run the downloaded DDPB application and add the Snap.bar file to the list
  • scan by clicking “Scan” and select the appropriate IP, then enter the password (the one we entered earlier)
  • the “Install” option should appear, select our Snap and install
  • after the message, close the application and disconnect the terminal

Now just search for the Snap icon and launch the application on our Blackberry. IMPORTANT here – we provide our Google Play login and password. Exactly the data we use in this store and not for Auntie Gienia or Gmail. Well, unless we have all the passwords always set the same and the company IT specialist after visiting our computer for three days does not leave the server room, refuses to eat and cries huddled in the corner. Then enter “usually”.

From now on, we will have access to all (the vast majority) applications that we used to use on our Android device. This may not be a perfect solution and it would be better if Blackberry had a set of the same applications in the store, but as you know, porting does not always give satisfactory results and writing everything from scratch is a lot of work. In my case, installing Snap made me stop using other smartphones. I have everything in one place (Spotify, Runtastic, KurJerzy, WordPress, Taptalk, Feedly, etc.) plus smooth interface, keyboard comfort and business and private profile. Convenient call management, scheduler with automatic conference function, cloud access, document editing, camera, scanner, printouts… What more could you want?

The above-mentioned usability, which I must emphasize very strongly, will be obtained only in devices with the BB OS 10 system and above. Earlier versions allowed some treatments, but they were much less stable, more complicated and did not have manufacturer support. Conclusion – it does not pay to buy older devices if you want convenience and access to the latest applications.

“Whoever is afraid of Gargamel, let him go to sleep immediately” – the new Blackberry and whether it is worth being afraid of buying.

However, at this point, if someone was afraid of switching to Blackberry mainly because there was no application for it and the system seemed to be heavily truncated, they can stop worrying. All the latest terminals have a new system and after a one-time, completely safe effort on our part, we will get a fully functional smartphone for work, play and browsing the abyss of the internet where cat pictures are waiting for you to discover them and on youtube you can still wander into the areas where the brain becomes smooth and shrinks to the size of a ping-pong ball.