We are fresh from the premiere of Apple, which took place on September 10. We saw some of the latest devices there, including iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. However, looking at the official website of the manufacturer, we may be surprised because some products have disappeared from it. The answer is…they have been discontinued.

It’s no secret that Apple, after the premiere of the latest devices, withdraws older models from the official sale in order not to underestimate the sales of the latest ones. Recently, however, their policy is quite aggressive.

The biggest surprise is, of course, the disappearance of last year’s flagships. Yes – after a year iPhone Xs and Xs Max have been withdrawn. The reason is obvious – the changes between this year’s flagships (11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) and last year’s (Xs and Xs Max) are really marginal. Apple noticed this – if they lowered the prices of Xs, many people would still prefer last year’s strong models than pay extra for a slightly changed flagship. The same situation happened a year ago when the iPhone X was recalled.

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However, the question remains why iPhone XR left on offer? This model is a great success of the manufacturer. Tim Cook emphasized that the XR became the most popular iPhone, as well as the most popular smartphone in the world. The manufacturer is therefore proud of its success, which is why it decided to leave it on offer to further boost its sales after lowering the price. A similar situation occurs in the case of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Their sales are high, so the manufacturer decided to leave them in the portfolio despite the old design.

At the event, we also got to know a new smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 5. Here, a similar situation occurs with the recall Apple Watch Series 4. Last year’s edition brought major visual changes, and this year it was only improved. Once again, Apple was afraid of underselling, which is why it withdrew the 4 series. It was still in the manufacturer’s store Apple Watch Series 3. He got a price reduction to PLN 999. Therefore, this is a step towards people who want to try a smartwatch. Series 3 has an old design, but it is a good proposition to start your adventure with Apple Watch.

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Another recalled device is iPad. Once again – the refreshed version has not changed much, which is why last year’s version was withdrawn for fear of underselling sales.

Changes in the Apple portfolio this time are quite significant. However, the devices will be available in other stores. The change applies to the official brand store.

Source: apple.com