Why does Google ask for the date of birth?.

Why does Google ask for the date of birth? Since 2020, Google implemented the policy of providing dates of birth to create a user account, this being a mandatory requirement that varies depending on where the subscriber is located. This information will allow the user to comply with the legal regulations of the corporation.

After the first months of 2020, Google established a minimum age to have a user accountIn the case of Spain, the minimum age is 14 years, however, in other nations the minimum age can be 13 or 16 years, but all this depends on the internal policies of each nation.

Why does Google ask for the date of birth?
  • These terms became effective on March 30, 2020.

Compliance with this regulation will allow its users enjoy the different Google platforms: YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Photos and many more, which are very useful for the daily life of a large part of humanity.

Google asks for date of birth

From the date in question, The Google platform began to ask its users for the date of birthHowever, it relies on what the person who enjoys the service indicates, since the platform does not ask for any type of proof.

Why does Google ask for the date of birth?
  • However, the legal conditions to which the user is subscribed cannot be ignored.

This message surely reached or will reach the people who opened the account in the past, because since updating the terms It has already become a requirement to open a Google account.

By the way, the only way to make this message completely disappear is if you Update your date of birth.

Why does Google ask for the date of birth?

Why did Google do this?

According to some communications from Google, the changes made in relation to the Terms of Service They will make it possible to provide a better service to its users, since it will have links and conceptualizations that allow the company to offer something that fits their age and at the same time include special sections on their platforms.

Similarly, it is mentioned that with Family Link representatives of minors may use Google under the guardianship of their (adult) representative.

Why does Google ask for the date of birth?

Google’s new terms will not affect users but it is always necessary to comply with legal regulations.