Why does League of Legends freeze?.

Why does League of Legends freeze? You no longer have to keep looking for information about how to fix League of Legends freezes error. Let us tell you that you have arrived at the best place. Through the following guide we will tell you the reasons why the video game freezes and how you can solve this type of failure.

Are you tired of League of Legends freezing and not allowing you to continue playing? Relax, there are ways to solve this problem and here we explain them to you. Stay with us and discover what to do to solve this problem that makes it impossible to play normally.

Why does League of Legends freeze?

Reasons why League of Legends freezes

You don’t have to worry if League of Legends screen has frozen. This is usually one of the most common errors that many players experience, and the good news is that there are ways to fix it for good.

before explaining how to fix this problem Let’s see some of the main reasons why the popular video game can freeze for a few minutes:

Why does League of Legends freeze?

1: Errors in the files

Most of the time the problem of screen freezing can be due to Errors in the downloaded files. When downloading this video game to our PC, it is common for certain failures to occur in the download of files, either due to a virus or lack of internet.

The most effective solution to this type of problem would be uninstall league of legends and reinstall it. Of course, if you are going to uninstall it, we recommend doing it from the Windows assistant.

Why does League of Legends freeze?

2: Check the temperature

If you are using an old computer, the best thing to do would be check the temperature. In general, these types of video games usually represent a considerable increase in the temperature level of the computer and that ends up causing some failures, for example, causing screen freezes.

You could download some program that helps you check the temperatures of your computer’s graphics card and processor. If you notice that temperatures are above 85c, the best thing to do would be replace the processor thermal paste.

Why does League of Legends freeze?

3: Scan running programs

The reason for the screen freezing may not be due exclusively to a bug with League of Legends but to other apps that you are running on your computer.

There are some programs that can make trouble and that the error appears that the screen freezes playing League of Legends. It is recommended that you analyze the auto-start programs on the computer.

You have the option of using the task manager to analyze each of the running programs. Go to the option “Start” to start the scanning process. Remember to disable those programs that could be causing this type of error.

Why does League of Legends freeze?

To the uninstall Many of these programs will free up space on your computer and performance when playing League of Legends will be more effective and safe.