Why does Spotify close itself?.

Why does Spotify close itself? Within the catalog of applications for the music playback, Spotify stands out above all others. Since its popularity demonstrates it with figures; with more than 350 million users affiliated with it, of which 100 million are completely Premium.

Even so, this success does not leave him excluded from operating problems. Many users have reported that the mobile app closes itself without warning while playing songs. So you would be interested to know what may be going on behind this.

Why does Spotify close itself?

The possibility of an application failing is related to several factors more inherent to the device where it is installed than to the application itself. At least, this is what ensures the own Spotify company.

But, as these inconveniences can arise for your application, you should know the reasons that may be causing this and how to solve it.

Why does Spotify close itself?

device storage

Most application problems are usually attributed to the lack of available space within the team. Above all, with the periodic updates that are released and the MB that are accumulated due to the normal use of the application.

This memory corresponds to both the RAM or the necessary for the functions of the App or the ROM memory, which is the space it occupies within the internal memory or an SD memory that is inside the equipment.

Why does Spotify close itself?

When you are memories are limited and there are many applications installed on the computer each demanding a part of them, the applications will tend to fail. The main alternative to solve it is to release them.

memory release

The way to free memory on most devices is as follows:

Why does Spotify close itself?
  • go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, you will have to enter
  • In Applications will be all the Apps installed. Locate the Spotify one.
  • Once you enter the You will be able to see various aspects of the application; such as version installed, permissions granted, notifications, and storage space.
  • You must enter the latter and locate both the storage space and the cache. Under each one you will find “Delete memory”.
  • By pressing the latter, all the memory that has been found will have been deleted occupied by the app.
  • When it’s time to use the app again, you’ll need log in.
  • Disabling the Application

    The Spotify app may be disabled or disabled so it won’t work. This does not always happen on all mobile devices, but on some it does. On those devices where disabling is set, you will need to prevent Spotify from being there.

    To do this do the following:

  • Open your settings mobile device
  • Go to the “Applications” section
  • Within it, you must enter “Applications disabled”.
  • If when you enter you can see the Spotify application in the lists, you must remove it from the list.
  • Why does Spotify close itself?