Why doesn’t Google work?.

Why doesn’t Google work? The reason why Google does not work on your mobile device, tablet or computer can be diverse, however, it has happened to many of us at some point, that is, you do not have to collapse when this happens to you.

Yeah!, Google can stop working for:

Why doesn’t Google work?
  • Problems with connectivity.
  • Failure of the Google Chrome platform or the website you want to visit.
  • Internal problems of your smart device or computer.

In this post, We will indicate some basic reasons that explain why Google does not work and what can you do when this happens to you.

Reasons why Google “doesn’t work”

The reasons why google chrome not working They are of a diverse nature, previously we mentioned some of them, but in this section we will expand them and we will indicate others that you should know.

Why doesn’t Google work?

In this sense, the following are mentioned:

1. Problems with the internet connection

If you are trying to enter or continue browsing a website and it suddenly stopped working, we recommend that you check the connectivity of your mobile device or computer. The WiFi signal or the operator that provides you with the data service may be failing and the connection is unstable or null.

Why doesn’t Google work?

For it, the best is:

  • Restart Google Chromeeither on your device or on your computer.
  • Reboot your mobile device.
  • Reboot your router.

This will help refresh the computer (device or computer) and also eliminate possible interference that may be arising with other applications.

Why doesn’t Google work?

2. The Google platform is down

If you verified that your internet connectivity is perfect, you may the search engine platform is downAlthough this case is atypical, it has already happened in some areas of the world before.

This option you can dismiss by visiting the website you want from another browser.

3. The memory of the cell phone or your tablet

In some cases, the cell phone or tablet may not have the memory necessary to open a website and this influences Google Chrome not being able to work, however, some of the solutions for this problem are:

Why doesn’t Google work?
  • Close tabs and applications.
  • Clear cache from your Google Chrome browser.


If you have tried all these solutions and Google Chrome continues to fail, the best is that:

  • Format your device and set up your Google account again.
  • See a technician.
  • Both options will help you rule out possible failures of the computer or the presence of malware that is affecting its proper functioning.