The pandemic generated by COVID-19 has forced us to review various cleaning habits to prevent the spread of the virus. To help us get it right, many developers have worked tools to help set routine parameters like hand washing, which, before the health emergency of 2020, was considered “quick and easy”.

On the list of companies committed to working with a solution Apple added its proposal, presented at its global developer conference in the news section of the Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 7.

With many updates released yesterday at WWDC 2020, Apple has increased its options ahead of the features available on Android. Comparisons will therefore not be lacking between one solution and another. To participate in this discussion, we have We decided to compare the hand washing function of watchOS 7 and the Samsung “Hand Wash” app.

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You don’t need to program it. Apple Watch knows when you wash your hands

Apple Watch hand washing function

Unlike other similar tools, Apple is built into the watcOS 7 operating system, which eliminates the need to download an app. For this reason, it detects the start of hand washing via the motion detectors and the microphone. In this way, Apple Watch starts the 20 second timerit’s time for healthcare organizations to advocate doing the right thing.

Very soon, Apple Wacth users who are compatible with watchOS 7 will not have to worry about how often or whether they are washing their hands at the right time. If the user finishes early, the Apple Watch will act as a watchdog and ask them to continue washing. In addition, The device can also remind us to stick to this habit when we get home.

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To follow this activity, Health app on iPhone will show how often and for how long, as well as information on the importance of hand washing for general health.

“Handwashing” helps you plan for handwashing

watchos 7

In June of this year, Samsung introduced its “Hand Wash” app. This is an app for your smartwatches focused on periodic hand cleaning which is so appropriate right now. Hand washing is intended to comply with the World Health Organization recommendation to wash hands frequently. As noted by health experts, this practice is only considered effective when done for at least 20 full seconds.

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The app, available for Samsung smartwatches, periodically reminds the user of the need to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. the app monitors the time and notifies the user after 25 seconds, where five seconds are taken to turn on the faucet and apply the soap. The app also lets you customize reminders.

Thanks to this review of the features that we love that seem superior to the features developed by Apple and as differential points we highlight:

  • Apple is not an app, it is built into the system.
  • Apple detects that you wash your hands automatically.
  • Reminds you when you come home to wash your hands.
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Source: Techradar