Isn’t it kind of strange that Google maintains two map apps at the same time? It really happens, because Waze has been around for many years alongside Google Maps.

Google Maps originated from Google itself, while Waze as a whole company has been acquired over time. Google seems to be running both apps side by side for a long time to come, because the approach of the two apps is very different. Also, Waze seems to be very popular in some markets where Google Maps is not. For example with our neighbors in France.

In any case, Waze is no small thing for Google, as the recent campaign for the Tour de France was able to underline.

Community: A common approach of the two apps, just used differently

Basically, one can say that the community is an important part. With Waze, however, more for road traffic, with Google Maps much more for functions such as maintaining locations, reviews, etc. In some cases, as a business owner, you don’t have to maintain your own location at all, the many Google Maps users do that.

Google Maps is intended to be a contact point apart from navigation. Users should be able to discover and interact with a wide variety of things in maps. At the time of writing, for example, delivery services and restaurants were able to make their table reservations directly in Google Maps.

Waze is much more focused on navigation and this is where it really shines. This includes shortcuts that can be used to quickly report traffic jams, accidents and similar things. It is even possible to call roadside assistance. A real or other Waze user. Waze also informs about the allowed speed and shows speed cameras.

There are also POIs, but only in extremely rudimentary form. No reviews, no photos or further information can be seen here. Google Maps is clearly in the lead here.

Waze for navigation, Google Maps for everyday life

I’m very happy with Google Maps, but Waze is also recommended from time to time. Clearly, Waze’s strengths lie solely in navigation and locomotion, but primarily motorized. But there are more practical features here than in Google Maps, as we just listed them.

Google Maps, on the other hand, also offers route guidance for pedestrians or cyclists. There’s a lot more useful general information on the map and you can basically find whatever you’re looking for. At the time of the article, Waze did not even have charging stations, only gas stations.

Ultimately, the motto here is: try it yourself.