Everyone always wanted to be a hero, right? After all, this is usually one of the reasons we play video games; to save the world, get the girl (or the boy) and ultimately feel good about yourself. It is rare that someone wants to play badly for a long time. Doing good deeds is satisfying because it also makes the world good. It’s stimulating. Even in the darkest first person shooter games, you tend to play the hero, even if that means killing a bunch of bad guys along the way.
What’s strange is that too often video games ignore the real heroes in our real lives. If you stop to think about it, emergency services are a far more heroic profession these days than most. However, they are something we take for granted, and we often end up underestimating them.
And, likewise, they are dumped in video games. Take a look at the fire department, for example. How many games can you name, off memory, that you play as a firefighter? Don’t look at Wikipedia! I can name a few if I think about it: Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme and Burning Rangers.
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Rosco McQueen turned out to be a lot of fun in the late 1990s. I remember it could be rented from my neighborhood video store, even though it was so popular I rarely could. With a vision cartoon From films like The Colossus on Fire or The Crystal Jungle, Rosco McQueen represents the archetype of a hero, with his square jaw and his stoic attitude. The truth is, it was a relatively typical third-person adventure, with the particularity that you were shooting fire instead of enemies. There were also simple puzzles and every once in a while you had to save someone.
Burning Rangers followed a similar path around the same time, although it does provide the typical Japanese touch. Set in a futuristic society, he put players in the shoes of the firefighters known as Burning Rangers as they put out fires and saved people. You know how it goes. He had his coordinates, which is why, mainly because you also had a jetpack that allowed you to do all kinds of jumps and tricks. Its random generator mode that opened the doors to over three thousand unique routes was an interesting way to encourage you to replay it too.
You may have noticed that Rosco McQueen and Burning Rangers have fantastic vision for firefighters. It was a smart move and the reason they were beloved games. Because the alternative is modern firefighters – The Simulation, a game you can buy today on Steam or even for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, although I don’t see much of a reason for doing so.

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The reason is that being a firefighter (as with other professions) is actually not very exciting most of the time. Yes, the promise to eradicate dangerous substances, put out a big fire and save people is clearly there, but the firefighters – The simulation is too close to reality. In this video game, you also have to regularly clean the truck (because otherwise, and inexplicably, your coworkers will refuse to get on it) or maneuver slowly to park it at the station after leaving a call. The most fascinating and entertaining parts of this job, come on.
This is surely the problem with firefighters in video games. Too much realism often ends up being a bad thing. Even Konami failed to succeed in the genre with its Firefighter FD18 for PlayStation 2. It had its moments and highlighted the “bosses” you encountered at the end of each phase, but it was still pretty. repetitive. After all, there are only a few ways to put out a fire.
Without any play Grand public Speaking of firefighters on the horizon, it’s a shame that no one wants to take the witness left by games like Rosco McQueen or Burning Rangers. There are many children who dream of being a firefighter when they grow up, but they don’t have a game to make this fantasy come true. Heroes can be more than just tormented characters who shoot at anything that moves. All we need is a video game that isn’t recreated too often in tasks like cleaning vehicles or oncoming parking. Because, damn, it’s rarely fun when you can get around with a jetpack instead.

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