Why isn’t twitch working for me?.

Why isn’t twitch working for me? Twitch is the most famous and popular streaming website of video games that currently exists, only competed with YouTube. Currently, this website owned by Amazon Inc., has around 140 million affiliated users and almost 30 million daily visits.

However, and despite the high demand that implies the twitch Platform, On some occasions, users have reported problems with the operation of the page. Despite the fact that the platform has crashed on occasion due to problems associated with the servers, the web has been restored very quickly.

Why isn’t twitch working for me?

Therefore, if you are experiencing problems logging into the platform, you may be experiencing internal problems on your device.

Origin of the causes that cause a bad performance of Twitch

  • compatibility issues Windows TCP Configuration They are the ones that are associated with the inconvenience of playing videos in Twitch streams. So you will have to modify this section in your system configuration to be able to solve it.
  • It is also possible that your internet connection is showing speed failures. So before checking the Windows settings, make sure that your internet connection is working well, both for loading and unloading.

Windows TCP modification process

  • To begin the process of modifying the Windows TCP you must open console command prompt. In order to do so, you must use the program search tool located on the Windows start bar, specifically on its far left.
  • This search engine is shaped like a magnifying glass. use it to write “cmd”. In the search results you will find “Command Symbols” accompanied by the characteristic icon of the application.
  • You will proceed to open the console by right clicking on the name and choosing “Run as administrator”.
  • The console will appear on the screen of your device. It’s just a black screen for entering commands. The line you see to enter the first command will end in Windows32 or system32 next to the cursor that works to enter text.
  • In this space you must paste the following command: “” and press “Enter”.
  • This line of code will show you the results corresponding to the configuration of the Windows TCP. In the list that appears, you should focus on the second one you see. In this you can read: “”.
  • This will inform you that the option is completely disabled. So you will need to activate it. To do this, enter the code “” and press “Enter” again.
  • The above code will have modified the deactivation and replaced the word “deactivated” or “disabled” if it is in English by “Normal”.
  • Check the latter by re-entering the first line of code that was provided to you at the beginning. When the TCP parameters are shown again, the word “disabled” will have disappeared.
  • Conclude the procedure by closing the console and restarting the computer. You can verify the procedure by going to Twitch.tv and checking that the videos are reproduce normally.