why it can happen and how to fix it.

We are going to explain to you the reasons why Firefox may stop responding and how to fix them, because things tend to fail when you need them most and it is always good to be forewarned. And is that nobody likes having to resort to another browser when you already have one that you like, perfectly configured to your liking.

There are many reasons why Firefox, just like Chrome or any other, can crash. It may be due to your computer, a browser malfunction, and various other types of common mistakes that we are going to explain to you. The idea is to have the base with the most recurring and simple solutions for the most common failures.

why it can happen and how to fix it

And as we always say in SamaGame Basics, if you think that we have left out any important solution for Firefox problems, we invite you to share it in the comments section so that other readers can benefit from the knowledge of our Xatakers.

The first thing is always to restart the browser

The first solution for any problem in the technological world is always the same, a classic within computing, restart browser. Sometimes the problem is fixed just because it is simply a one-time error that Firefox will not have again the next time it is started. Therefore, the first thing to do is close Firefox and reopen it.

why it can happen and how to fix it

Sometimes, it can simply be a problem caused by a specific lack of operating system resources, or by some type of specific error in the browser or in one of the websites you are visiting. In these cases, closing and reopening the browser will solve many of the specific problems, and if they are more persistent then you can continue looking at the rest of the solutions.

If you can’t close Firefox

There are times when a Firefox process can stay working even if you give it to close as if it were “stuck”, and this makes it unresponsive and stays on without being able to close it to restart it. For these cases, there is a method to force close Firefox using Windows task manager.

why it can happen and how to fix it

To do this, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time from your computer. You can also search for it in the Windows start menu, or right-click on the taskbar to see the option. When you’re inside, expand the details and go to the Processes tab. There, right click on Firefox and choose the End task option that will appear in the context menu. Firefox will close immediately, or at most it will take a second or two.

Also try restarting your computer or the router

But there are not always failures due to specific problems with Firefox, there may also be due to specific problems with your computer. A process may have been left open on the PC, which is due to a bug in the operating system, or one of those rare errors that only happen from time to time. To make sure that the cause is not this, try restarting the computer. Thus, you will be able to see if the error persists when it is reset or has been solved.

why it can happen and how to fix it

It can also be due to a problem in your connection, something that you can check by entering more websites and seeing if they load or not. If they don’t load, you can do several things. You can reboot the router and see if everything returns to normal afterwards, or disconnect the PC from the router and reconnect it, or turn off the PC’s WiFi and turn it on again. You can also run checks to see why you are having problems with the Internet and find out if it is your or the operator’s problem.

Check if it is an error on a website or tab

Another possibility is that the error or problem is being caused by one of the websites you have entered. Sometimes, if a website has a specific problem or simply works badly because of something in its code, it may be that despite being working only in one tab the entire browser suffers and fails or slows down. In this case, you will have to resort to trial and error, and close the tabs one by one to see if closing a specific one the error is solved.

If the computer has just started to have problems, the ideal thing is to start by closing the last tabs that you have opened or in the one in which you have loaded the last webs you have entered. By doing this, if everything returns to normal after closing a specific tab, you will already know on which website the error was, and you can check if it is something specific or permanent by going back in and seeing if it gives problems again or not.

why it can happen and how to fix it

Disable all extensions one by one

Another possibility is that the problems come from some extension, and you have to find out what it is. This is easier to do, since you only have to enter the extensions page by typing about: addons in the navigation bar, and deactivate each extension one by one to see which of them is the one that is causing problems.

When after deactivating a specific one you see that everything seems to be solved, it is possible that the problem is in it. The best thing is to report it to its developers so that they can solve it, although you can also try with reinstall it to see if it fixes the problem, or directly eliminate it and look for an alternative.

Keep in mind that extensions are like programs within Firefox, and that they can be updated, and that an extension that works perfectly today will give you problems in a few months. And obviously, both for stability and security, it is best that you do not add more extensions than you need and never add any that you do not know or have not read ratings.

why it can happen and how to fix it

Check if the web opens in another browser

When a website is crashing, another thing you can do is open the same page in another browser. If the page works correctly in the other browser then you already know that it is due to a Firefox problem, and you can try the previous steps by restarting it, reinstalling it or looking at its extensions to solve malfunctions.

It may also be due to some problem in hardware acceleration, because some of your components may not work correctly when Firefox uses this function. To deactivate it, enter the configuration. In the General section, scroll down to Performance and disable Use recommended performance settings. When you do, several options will appear below, and disable Use hardware acceleration when available to temporarily disable the option and see if the problem is fixed.

Look for malicious software

Perhaps your computer has some type of malware that is affecting the operation of Firefox. In this case, there is nothing you can do from Chrome, you will have to use Windows Defender or some other antivirus.