Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons.

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

Why is sending messages in VK limited, what is the reason for this problem? There are only three cases in which you can see this type of alert, and we will tell you which is the best solution for you!

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

In addition, we remind you of possible technical difficulties: social networks sometimes fail. So don’t panic right away, wait a bit at first and try again.


Ready for the first answer to the question of why VCs write “The sending of messages is restricted”? You may have exceeded the limits allowed by the messenger!

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

What are these limits and where do they come from? The problem can occur for those who have communicated a lot with users outside of their friends list!

The reason why there is a sending limit in VK is simple – it is a protection restriction that is automatically activated to prevent users from sending spam and becoming a fraud. We hope you don’t send promotional messages, but the restriction applies to everyone.

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

A common scenario is that you have actively communicated with one or more people outside of your contact list, and then you decide to write to another user who is not on your friends list. This is where the difficulty comes in!

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Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

I have figured out why VK says that sending messages is restricted, but how to fix this problem? Don’t panic, don’t write to support, just wait a bit, the restriction will be removed automatically after 24 hours, then you can communicate again.

There is another option: just add these people to your friends, and then the limits will no longer bother you.


The second reason why sending VK messages is restricted is even more trivial – you have been blacklisted. This can happen if the difficulty is not observed in all the dialogues, but only in one in particular (or in several, it also happens).

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

That is why VK blocks sending messages – the person does not want to communicate with you, that is why he has forbidden to write to you through the messenger settings! It happens, people get blacklisted by mistake, it’s not out of character.

So what should you do if you suspect a blockage? The easiest way is to contact the user in any other way. Call or text, try other messengers or social media. Ask about the reasons for the blocking. Maybe you really got blacklisted by accident?

It is clear why posts in VK are restricted; other circumstantial indications also point to the blockade. You will not be able to call, see information about the page, or leave a comment. It’s enough to know you’re in for a BS.

Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

Privacy settings.

Let’s not forget that not all users of social networks are willing to communicate with people who are not on their friends list. Others prefer to choose who can write to them (and also call, leave comments…). In other words, if VK shows “The sending of messages is restricted.”It may be your privacy settings.

Let’s take a look at the social media settings:

  • Go to your profile and click on the avatar on the top right;
  • Open the settings window;
  • There is a tab in the menu bar “Privacy”.press;
  • Find the section “Connect with me”;
  • find the icon “Who can text me…”.

Here you can choose who sends the person the messenger: everyone or no one, only certain people or everyone but certain users. Perhaps the person you’re trying to contact has simply denied access through their privacy settings?

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Why messaging in VK is restricted: reasons

Try to write in another way, through other social networks and messengers.

It details why VK says “Sending messages is restricted”. Think about which of these three options is best for you, and choose the correct way to solve the problem.