Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play.

A new fighter joins Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it’s not about Goku’s umpteenth transformation, another fusion, or a guest from the – let’s call him – alternate movie universe – it’s about Master Roshi’s old men. And although his chances of beating Jiren or Broly are quite limited in the manganime, take him to the game of Arc System Works it’s a genius.

With the same movement, the creators of Guilty Gear gather in their game the ten representatives of the Seventh Universe from the final arc of Dragon Ball Super and, as a tip, they recover the spirit – unfortunately lost – of the beginnings of the work of Akira Toriyama. Taking us to those times when the fights were settled with wit and humor instead of colossal energy projections.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

And, faced with that, one can only say: Welcome to Master Roshi!

Because Roshi is not only a whole personality: he is the teacher of Are gohan, his adopted grandson They are Goku and the not so fortunate in combat (but well served in love) Krillin Y Yamcha. The Kame-Sen’nin he is a dirty old man of more than 300 years and apparent absent-minded morality. But, above all the above, it is a true prodigy of martial arts. Able to catch the most powerful warriors in the universe off guard.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

And what’s better: while the experience is a degree, the best of the legendary Elf Turtle It is his ability to offer a breath of fresh air to a title in which the most important thing is not what Freeza’s army calls combat ability, but the game he offers when it comes to catching the opponent off guard and stringing accurate blows . Master Roshi comfortably fits the profile of a fighter from Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Less glitter and more fun

Arc System Works are an authority on bringing manganimes to their field. And despite what was achieved with Dragon ball fighterz It has exceeded all our expectations, the truth is that there was an essential aspect of Toriyama’s work that had been left out of the experience: the humor. Although, of course, how does that fit into a fighting game of these characteristics.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

In fact, in Dragon ball fighterz missiles and air combat are essential resources. Especially since it is possible to select the type of assistance and the settings for the arrival of the third season of the game. Luckily, the fighters in FighterZ Pass 3 have dedicated themselves to putting a spin on this premise with unique mechanics. And Muten Roshi is off on a total tangent.

Among other things, because Roshi does not fly and his murky thoughts do not allow him to ride on the kinton cloud. But also because his fighting style perfectly combines the use of surprising techniques with lighthearted movements and comical poses with which to take advantage of the uncertainty.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

We saw it during their confrontations as Jackie Chun in various editions of the Great Martial Arts Tournament and also during the climax of the Tournament of Power in the anime and manga. Even coming across Jiren himself.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have remote options. While we could see how the Mafūba appeared in the trailer, it should be remembered that it is the original creator of kamehameha, the most iconic technique of Dragon Ball. And they are not his only aces up his sleeve: Roshi can paralyze, hypnotize, use telepathy … And he has no qualms about using his own wind in combat.

But the most attractive thing is that in the short period of gameplay shown we will see a Roshi wielding one of his most curious combat styles: the drunk fist. A technique he used against a very young Goku in which he adopts the mobility of a drunkard, giving us blows and moments halfway between comedy and embarrassment.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

Recovering for these frenzy and explosive combats the much-needed humor of the creator of Dr. Slump.

Arc System Works once again demonstrate their devotion to Dragon Ball

Although its complete repertoire of movements and its release date is yet to be specified, what is shown, despite being brief, is more than convincing. His appearance is totally inspired by the final stage of Dragon Ball Super, but each animation is a nod to his most iconic fights during all stages of the manganime.

And for example, the iKevinX reference video in which each hit is compared to a vignette or frame. Proving once more Ark System Works’ deep respect for the original material and his talent for turning it into a fighting style.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

There are elements that attract attention, of course. From the start, his double kick at ground level promises a spectacular reach and, predictably, will make him dodge practically any attack that ends above his height. Something very convenient.

In addition, its cross shot with twist and projectile makes (as with Goku ultra instinct or Beerus) switch sides when closing the assault, conveniently projecting the enemy so they can take a hit from an assistant or continue the chain of attacks from long range.

In fact, the first confirmed special technique is also a pleasant surprise: from a playable point of view, the Mafūba sacrifices the chance to continue the chain of blows in exchange for nullifying the enemy and dealing direct damage.

Which raises a question: will it cost us a displeasure to miss the blow like when he tried it with the evil King Piccolo?

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

For now, in addition to his full repertoire of movements, we are looking forward to seeing what interactions, dialogues or cinematics he will have with Goku or Android 21 in the game.

Who Deserves to Join Dragon Ball FighterZ: 11 Reasonable Proposals

We can debate long and hard about whether there will be a room FighterZ Pass on Dragon ball fighterz, and it will not be for lack of characters: counting on the different transformations and fusions, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 put more than 140 fighters on the table. And it has rained a lot in Toriyama’s Dragon World since 2007.

For now, what we know is that the current fighters pass in the game has only two places left to be awarded. And there are characters from Dragon ball they don’t deserve to be left out of the Arc System Works blast festival. Most of them were successfully predicted years ago at SamaGame. Others, for now, have to wait. Among them:

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

Raditz, Son Goku’s brother

Goku and Piccolo were the best warriors on Earth until they saw how insignificant their combat power was compared to the saiyan. Radiz. And the best thing is that, thanks to its great playable career, it is clear that it has really interesting techniques.

Mr. Satan, the champion of Earth

While Roshi will serve as a technical player and comic relief in the game, the truth is that Mr. Satan He has always found a way to integrate himself into Dragon Ball fighting games. Sometimes tied to a missile to fly and sometimes giving away explosive Game Poys.

Pan, the heir to the saiyan legacy

With Son Goku (GT) In the game, the chances of Pan entering the scene increase. The granddaughter of the legendary space warriors may not have been transformed into a Super Saiyan yet, but Goku himself already announced that at home it was the one with the most fighter wood.

Arale Norimaki, one of Akira Toriyama’s best creations

Despite sharing the universe with Goku, the rules of the world of Dragon ball do not apply to Arale: the robot protagonist of Dr. Slump He is able to jump to the moon and smash the Earth with one punch. See her in Dragon ball fighterz it could be a real show.

Super Bu, the evolution of the Bibidi monster

The most evolved and dangerous form of the monster Bu he is a unique adversary. And at the game level, it has really interesting capabilities that deserve to be integrated into the game. Including his ability to absorb his enemies and acquire their strength, intelligence and combat techniques.

Syn Shenron, the dark incarnation of dragon balls

The most powerful of the dark dragons and the final enemy of Dragon Ball GT He put Goku and Vegeta on the ropes in their most powerful transformations. It will be really interesting to see him measure himself against Broly (DBS) or Beerus.

Cyber- Tao Pai Pai, the best assassin in the world

Toriyama once said that Tao pai pai He passed away on one of those occasions when humanity was eliminated and, being a very bad person, he did not rise again. However, this assassin capable of striking with a tongue strike would give a lot of play in DB FighterZ. Above all, with those cybernetic implants that he debuted at the Great Martial Arts Tournament.

Fu, the prince of the Demon Realm

Although we have seen how Android 21 has ended up appearing in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the FighterZ Pass serves as the perfect excuse to integrate one of the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball Online universe and Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

Vegeta SS Blue Evolution / Majin Vegeta

To date there are six Gokus in the selectable panel and only three Vegetas. And it will not be for options. While a version in the shattered uniform of Vegeta SS Blue Evolution balance things with ultra-instinct Goku, we will also welcome the irascible with open arms Majin Vegeta, which used Babdi’s magic to regain his pride as a prince of the Saiyans.

Son Goku Super Saiyan 4

The cinematic cameo of Super Saiyan 4 during the Meteor Attack of Goku gt Not Enough: We want to see the wildest transformation of the earth-raised saiyan in full action. Handing out tow and knuckling with those who are imbued with the power of the gods.

Moro, the prisoner of the galactic patrol

The last great enemy of Goku and Vegeta at the moment has only been shown in the pages of the manga of Dragon ball super (drawn by Toyotaro, Toriyama’s disciple), and simple strength is not a problem for him: Moro uses magic to attack and is able to steal the energy of his enemies with his mere presence.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s competitive scene expands

In addition to the confirmation of the Master Roshi As a selectable fighter, Bandai Namco took the opportunity to announce the deployment of the competitive scene of Dragon ball fighterz: five online championships will be held in four different countries. And one of them, by the way, is Spain.

Why the arrival of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a master play

The just announced Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship will serve to cover a canceled DB FighterZ World Tour (like any great eSports event during the pandemic), and take the opportunity to expand it digitally, offering a mega-event that will last three months in which 40 professional players from Japan, France, Spain and the East and West of the United States (eight per region) will compete in streaming.

And not only that: the event calendar shows us anticipates big announcements about the game facing October and November, leading to a great show that will take place in December.

A strong push for eSports and, at the same time, a sign of the good health and popularity it currently has Dragon ball fighterz. Which, on the other hand, makes us think that the plans of Arc System Works and Bandai Namco go beyond 2020 and the two fighters to be announced.