Update (01/28/2020): As mentioned below, players were worried about what would happen to Flampion after the event.

Niantic has now commented on Eurogamer and confirmed that Flampion will remain in the game after the Lunar New Year event ends.

You can then catch Flampion in the wild as well as hatching 10 km of eggs.

The Lunar New Year event started in Pokémon Go last week, but not without problems.

One of the bonuses of the event has been announced to increase the chances of a luck exchange when trading with other trainers.

This bonus does not appear to be active within the first 24 hours after start.

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The Silph Road analyzes indicate that was the case. After 24 hours, the number of Lucky Pokémon registered during the trade doubled, indicating that Niantic recognized the error at the time.

The event is now proceeding as planned. It doesn’t help players who traded Pokémon in the first 24 hours, as this is only possible once.

Likewise, players are concerned about the introduction of Flampion, which is hatched from eggs. Depending on the players, the odds are too low and other new Pokémon such as Pottrott, Vulpix or Tarnpignon hatch from 7km eggs, which players tend not to want.

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This allows players to discuss breeding mechanics again, especially since the inclusion of such Pokémon that hatch from eggs further reduces the chances of an ultra-rare Pokémon.

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