Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?.

Two former Rare employees explain why the recently leaked Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye didn’t go through: It was Nintendo’s thing … although the Rare team did the remaster before they got the green light.

A week ago the 007 Goldeneye remastering, the RARE shooter on Nintendo 64, which would have been released in Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, in 2007. The game never saw the light of day, despite being almost complete. At the time it was never known exactly why the game was canceled, beyond having a conflict of interest between too many parties: Nintendo, Microsoft, EON (owners of the James Bond brand) and Activision (then owners of James Bond games). Bond).

In an interview with VGC, two former project employees at Rare fourteen years ago, Mark Edmonds and Chris Tilston, explain the reasons for the cancellation, and it appears that Nintendo was responsible end of not being published. However, Rare was never allowed to do so …

Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?

The eight-person team for this Goldeneye remastering started working on it without even being certain that it could get through. And that is due to the complicated situation that Rare was living at that time. Rare’s founders, the brothers Tim and Chris Stamper, left the company in 2007, and shortly thereafter the project Tilston was working on at the time was canceled. It was an MMO, “by far Rare’s most ambitious game,” but one that had little chance of succeeding.

“We had just finished Perfect Dark Zero, and the Kameo team had finished it too. But some luminaries had the brilliant idea of ​​dividing the teams to make prototypes. We did seven or eight, but the reality is that none of those groups were equipped to get the projects going. I think all those prototypes were canceled. “

Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?

At the same time that he and his team ran out of project, a contact at Microsoft (who by then already owned Rare) told them that Nintendo wanted to relaunch Goldeneye on Wii, and in return Microsoft and Rare could also release it on Xbox. Tilston does not go into much more detail, as it seems that he did not care much to follow the communication between Nintendo, Rare and Microsoft. Tilston simply saw this as a chance to make up your team, who after years working on projects that would never see the light of day, could now work on a much safer and more concrete project (how ironic that it was also canceled …)

So, he gathered his people and got down to work with the port / remaster, which he says was from afar. the easiest development you have ever worked on, “the only one where I could really go home every day at 5 in the afternoon.” The only thing that was missing was to have real confirmation that an agreement had been reached between Microsoft and Nintendo, beyond having the go-ahead from Rare’s management.

Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?

“We started by assuming that Nintendo and Microsoft were on board. I think Rare was also on board with the project, or at least they let us move on. Instead of having eight people doing nothing all day, we were trying to be proactive and move forward. something for the company. It was only at the end that we realized that someone at Nintendo hadn’t asked permission from whom they should have asked permission. “

Edmonds and Tilston are not sure how it happened, but they think they remember that at some point they did receive official confirmation that the agreement with Nintendo had been approved. Apparently, or Nintendo executives changed their minds or were never properly informed. “We just heard that one of the groups disagreed that the game that originated on their platform was going to come out on Xbox. I get it. Nintendo originally funded the game for their platform, it wouldn’t have existed without them.”

Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?

This version agrees The one that another Rare employee told Arstechnica at the time: a Nintendo executive (they never knew who) did not approve of a Nintendo game coming out on a Microsoft console.

Therefore, it was Nintendo that canceled the project, although the truth is that it seems that it was never fully approved, so it was the result of a poor communication between Rare, Nintendo and Microsoft… and that a group of Rare workers, frustrated that almost all the projects being done at Rare at that time never saw the light of the sun, began development almost on their own.

“I think this was a haven for a while, because the founders had left and the company had to find its new identity. This was a haven where it seemed like you could be efficient and still be able to contribute, with no policies of any kind in between. media. But it was not the case. “

Why was the Xbox 360 remastering of 007 Goldeneye canceled?

The 007 Goldeneye remaster was almost 90% completed in just six months work, with new graphics, and option to instantly switch between the new and the original, as well as online multiplayer. A ROM of the almost finished game can be found online, if you prefer to emulate … because neither Tilston nor Edmonds believe it will ever officially come out.

Source: VGC