Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

I’m not an ardent fan of the notch on the iPhone’s screen, but I have nothing against it either. It is integrated into the design of the new apple mobile phones.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

It is a necessary compromise as long as there is no working mass technology to intelligently position the front camera.

But have you seen the dot cropping on the Galaxy A8s at all? And in the next Galaxy S10? It is a horror.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

There will be no more space on the screen.

Dead space on the screen, notification center shifted to the right

After reading the opinions about the Samsung Galaxy A8s and the Honor View 20, I have come to a conclusion. Mobile phone screen space has become not much more. If it has been added.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

The camera does not connect to the frames with the black material of the body. In their place are painted pixels. This makes the camera less noticeable when the screen is off, and yes, it does look prettier.

However, that’s where the advantages end. There’s nothing useful about the 12 pixels between the top of the notch and the bottom of the frame. The camera is still in the notification area, so you can still lose space for useful information. It is replaced by the lens.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

The distance difference is huge.

In the Honor View 20, the opening is positioned asymmetrically in relation to the side and the top of the mobile phone as a whole. This further reduces the space for the data.

And while the iPhone X and earlier have somewhat toyed with the notch, hiding an IR scanner with a dot projector underneath, what makes the lens stand out here? It is a camera that passes through the screen, nothing more.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

Camera asymmetry will annoy you

Even iPhone X clones place the notch clearly in the center. There is no variation from one angle to another. And what do we see on smartphones with a dot crop?

Manufacturers cannot put the camera in the center of the screen because it would “eat” even more useful area. So let’s put it in one of the corners! It doesn’t matter what it is, even if it’s below, what difference does it make.

There is a hole in the corner of the device that you will see and not see at the same time. The second happens more often when you unlock your device or check your messages. Yes, it’s barely visible when watching movies or playing games, but that’s not the only reason to use a device like this.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

Before there was a camera on the left, now it is on the right. Is that normal?

It makes you feel uncomfortable to be visually trying to fool you. It doesn’t look like there’s a clipping, it’s carefully hidden, but you still see it over and over again. Sort of a manic feeling, to be honest.

There is more. A gadget camera is on the left, then it is on the right. And the radii of the angle of the screen and the circle of the camera do not match. This “innovation” is extremely ridiculous. Manufacturers cannot physically retouch body elements in the same style.

We have to get over this. Not until we get rid of the “hole” clippings

Apple launched the trend of bezel-less mobile phones, although it wasn’t the first in the industry. But there is a big difference between the Cupertinos and other manufacturers.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

Look at the bottom of the screen of any mobile phone with a notch. You see it? There is a “chin” there.

No one has gotten rid of that part yet, except apple.

The Californian company has managed to create a new trend thanks to a single cutout on the screen. It seems that the iPhone XXs, Xs Max and iPhone XR is the screen that collides with the frame.

Why you shouldn’t buy a leaky mobile phone

Competitors make it sound absurd. It looks like they just put a frame/cutout for the camera at the top and bottom of the screen.

Apple never put the notch on the screen as a notch. On the contrary, the concentration of the user’s attention goes in the extended information area. This is the difference in focus.

Most devices already have the unfortunate notch, even the teardrop-shaped one. And we have to live this moment together until the true era of completely frameless mobile phones arrives.

In the meantime, get used to the “holes” in different parts of the screen.

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